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CLUB PLANNER 2019-2020

School Games Gold Award 2018-2019

Gallery 2019-2020

Gallery 2019-2020 1 County finals - 2019
Gallery 2019-2020 2 Morton Feast - Tug of War champions!
Gallery 2019-2020 3 Goalball - Silver medal-County Finals
Gallery 2019-2020 4 Tri-Golf Champions!
Gallery 2019-2020 5 New Age Kuring - Silver medals - County Finals
Gallery 2019-2020 6 Goal Ball - School Games County Team
Gallery 2019-2020 7 KS1 football tournament
Gallery 2019-2020 8 Wheelchair racing
Gallery 2019-2020 9 Archery enrichment day
Gallery 2019-2020 10 Fencing enrichment day
Gallery 2019-2020 11 Tri-golf - School Games
Gallery 2019-2020 12 Boccia
Gallery 2019-2020 13 Sarah Outen Resilience assembly
Gallery 2019-2020 14 Mini Olympics - 2019
Morton Trentside Primary School was awarded the Gold Mark award following the validation visit. The validation highlighted that the school was offering a very strong sports programme across all areas of the award, including:
  • The school provides all pupils with 2 hours of curriculum PE and also have an additional 30 minutes per day as part of the schools 'Fit for Life' initiative.
  • The school offers a wide range of sports for boys and girls; 12 at Level 1 and 12 at Level 2. The school also fielded B teams in 5 sports for boys and 4 for girls, plus 1 C team for boys and girls in level 2 competitions.
  • During 2016/17 evidence highlighted that 76% of pupils engage in extracurricular sporting activity in an average week, of which 15% were from non-active/less-active population identified by the school.
  • The school offers a strong G&T programme through both MSP (Multi Sport Pro) and the local school sport partnership offer, which focusses on developing young people's sporting potential.
  • The school offers a strong leadership programme. During 2016/17 29% of KS2 were engaged in leading, managing and officiating School Games activity. The School Sport Organising Crew further support the planning and development of School Games activity via conducting post-event player interviews, reports, newsletter/website updates, look after equipment and resources, plus organise charity events e.g. race for life and support the School Games day.
  • Promotion of School Games to parents and the local community takes places on at least a fortnightly basis through a regularly updated website and monthly newsletters which heavily feature school sport content including key dates, fixtures, pictures, results and reports.
  • CPD opportunities to train and develop wider school staff have been accessed through opportunities with both
  • MSP (Multi Sport Pro) and the school sport partnership.
  • The school engages with 12 local clubs, all of which are formalised links where clubs deliver in school or host theschool on their site. The school also utilises a range of sport coaches/specialists to support their school sport offer.


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