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Tri Golf skills challenge - Monday 8th June until Friday 19th June

This is the latest challenge from Lincolnshire School Games running until Friday 19th June.  All the information you need to take part is in the attached document.

Important information
1) This is a solo event
2) Watch the videos in the link  for demonstrations on what to do.
3) Have a go at the challenges as many times as you wish and record your best scores.
4) Ask someone to video you as if you are the winning entry we will need to see your efforts


Tennis Volley Challenge - Monday 25th May until Friday 5th June

Lincolnshire Schools Games have set a new sporting challenge for you, running from Monday 25th May to Friday 5th June

Find all the information you need here

Cricket Skills challenge Monday 11th May to Friday 22 May

Lincolnshire Schools Games have set a new sporting challenge for you, running from Monday 11th May to Friday 22nd May

For this competition pupils will need to

  1. Complete 4 cricket skills challenges – Batting, Catching, Throwing, Bowling (see the instruction videos in the pack attached)
  2. Ask someone to video them completing the challenges
  3. Have a go as many times as they wish and record their best scores.
  4. Complete the entry form and include their best scores for each skill.
  5. Upload a link to the video of one of their skills being performed onto the entry form (either in the pack attached or the link below)

  1. From here they will need to input some other information so that we know which school they attend.


They have two weeks to submit their entry from 11th May onwards. The best scores from each SGO area will be selected for a county final event.

Home Pentathlon 27th April until 8th May

Lincolnshire School Games have launched a Home Pentathlon today.  This is a solo event that runs until Friday 8th May.

Watch the videos on the link below and record your results which could go towards a Lincolnshire County Final.

Why not get a little friendly competition going with your friends and family? You can share what you have been doing on the school website and with our school community by emailing your class teachers.  Good luck!

School Games Day

School Games Day 1
School Games Day 2
School Games Day 3
School Games Day 4

Children in school today had a lovely morning taking part in a mini School Games Day, obstacle courses, egg and spoon and of course the traditional sack race! The weather was beautiful and the children thoroughly enjoyed being outside and making use of our fabulous field. If you set up any races or Sports Day activities at home we’d love to see your pictures.

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Gallery 2019-2020

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Gallery 2019-2020 5 Goalball - Silver medal-County Finals
Gallery 2019-2020 6 Tri-Golf Champions!
Gallery 2019-2020 7 New Age Kuring - Silver medals - County Finals
Gallery 2019-2020 8 Goal Ball - School Games County Team
Gallery 2019-2020 9 KS1 football tournament
Gallery 2019-2020 10 Wheelchair racing
Gallery 2019-2020 11 Archery enrichment day
Gallery 2019-2020 12 Fencing enrichment day
Gallery 2019-2020 13 Tri-golf - School Games
Gallery 2019-2020 14 Boccia
Gallery 2019-2020 15 Sarah Outen Resilience assembly
Gallery 2019-2020 16 Mini Olympics - 2019

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