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Attendance Lead: Carrie Kerridge

Link Governor: Steve Howse

We take attendance very seriously at Morton Trentside Primary School. We believe that children learn best when they attend school every day and we work hard to ensure that this happens. 


We will be able to support you if you are experiencing any problems supporting your child to come to school every day. Please speak to Mrs Kerridge in person, via the school office contact information found here or by emailing her directly at


100% attendance

Zero days missed

99% attendance

Two days of absence across the year

97% attendance

Five days of absence across the year

95% attendance

Nine days of absence across the year: one week and four days of learning missed.

90% attendance

Nineteen days of absence across the year; three weeks and four days of learning missed

85% attendance

Twenty-eight days of absence across the year: five weeks and three days of learning missed.

80% attendance

Thirty-eight days of absence across the year: seven weeks and 3 days of learning missed.

75% attendance

Forty-six days of absence across the year: nine weeks and one day of learning missed.



Government Guidance states the following:

95%+                    Good attendance

94 to 91%              At risk of persistent absence

90%                      Persistent absence 

89 to 51%              At risk of severe absence

50% or less            Severe absence



Morton Attendance Chart 


Your Child’s attendance is 100% 

Your child is an excellent attender – well done



Your Child’s attendance is 98% or above  

Your child is a very good attender -  well done




Good attendance 

Your Child’s attendance is between 95 and 98

Your child is a good attender – well done



At Risk  

Your Child’s attendance is 91-94%  

We will monitor your child’s attendance looking for

improvement and you may be invited to attend a panel meeting to discuss how we can help you to improve your child’s attendance.





Your Child’s attendance is 80 - 90% 

Your child is potentially missing so much time that it will be difficult to make up the learning that is lost. 

You will be contacted and be invited to attend a panel meeting where your child’s attendance will be reviewed and targets will be set. 



AT risk of severe absence

Your Child’s attendance is below 51-79%







Your child attendance is below 50%