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Our Governing Body

The Governing Body welcomes you to the school and looks forward to meeting you in school and at school events.


Meet our Governors

Morton Trentside Primary School Governing Body for the Year 2021-22


We are very lucky at  Morton Trentside that we have a enthusiastic and dedicated team of governors who come from a wide range of backgrounds and each bring their own skills and expertise to our governing body. Together with the Headteacher, our role is to maintain and improve the quality of education and standards of achievement within the school and strive to provide an outstanding education and meet the aims of the school.


It may be helpful to say that in summary there are three key roles of the governing bodies of all schools:


1. To provide a strategic view of where the school is heading

2. To act as a critical friend of the school

3. To hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and quality of the           

    education it provides.


The Governing Body has been reconstituted in line with statutory guidance, our instrument of governance, which was amended by the governing body on 30th January 2017.  The Local Authority Variance order was granted on 2nd February 2017 and our instrument of governance states that we can have 9 appointed Governors, as follows:


3 elected parents

1 nominated Local Authority Governor

1 elected staff member

3 Co-opted governors

1 Head Teacher


The Chair of the Governing Body is Mr Steve Howse.


At the present time we have a vacancy for a parent governor.   If anyone would like more information regarding this role or would like to contact the governors please contact the Clerk, Sarah-Jane Eggleton , either in writing by leaving a letter at the office or via the school enquiries email:


The Governing Body attends Full Governing Body meetings throughout the year. 6 in total


As a Local Authority Primary School it is imperative that we, as governors, continuously review the schools position with regard to academisation and strive to make the best decisions for our school.  Therefore the governing body is currently looking to explore all the avenues available for the strategic future of our school.