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Vision and Values

Morton Trentside Primary School

At Morton Trentside, we provide a caring environment where we deliver an inspirational curriculum that promotes the development of the whole child so they can thrive in an ever-changing world.

We are a vibrant, innovative and inclusive school with four strong values:

  • Care
  • Inspire
  • Thrive
  • Achieve

These core values are at the centre of all that we do to support and nurture the whole child. We believe that an inspirational and bespoke curriculum with an enriched programme of physical activity leads to the best outcomes for our children.



The mental health and well-being of pupils is very important to us at Morton Trentside and is therefore at the heart of our ethos. Barney the Well-being Dog is a positive addition to the Morton journey of finding innovative but research-based practices to support our children to develop the resilience and life skills needed to be successful in an ever-changing world.



At Morton, we strive to inspire our children to believe in themselves and develop interests that may not be available to them out of school. We are proud of achieving the Schools Games Award for three years running, as well as the wide range of experiences on offer to our children (such as music tutors and after-school PE clubs).


Our curriculum provides children with opportunities that they may not get at home. We promote the great outdoors and our 'fifty things to do' programme for each year group has inspired and encouraged many of our families to try new experiences.



Pupil behaviour is a real strength of our school and is built around the restorative approach. Pupils are encouraged to seek resolutions, self-manage and take responsibility for their own behaviour choices. Our pupils are well-mannered and courteous, knowing the importance of small gestures such as holding doors open for one another and offering greetings as they pass in the corridor. They listen to the views of others in a polite and considered way. Pupils are encouraged to voice their opinions and take responsibility for changing and improving their school.



Our curriculum is research-based, progressive, relevant and vocabulary-rich. Alongside our inspirational curriculum, we provide a caring and nurturing environment that promotes the development of the whole child so that they can thrive and achieve in an ever-changing world. Morton Trentside prepares children to be well-rounded individuals, ready to take their next steps in life's journey.