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Morton Vikings Breakfast Club



Before School Club 


7:30am until 9.00am - £6.50 

(breakfast served until 8.30am)


At our breakfast club we aim for a fun filled, routine-based morning, giving all children the best start to their day. 

From the healthy breakfast options, snacks and water/milk, to following our weekly activity timetables that we rotate to give the children a variation of activities throughout the weeks, following the seasons, celebrations, and charity days. Sometimes this may also include Free-play as we like to encourage the children to think independently and develop decision making skills. 

Our timetables include, crafts, yoga, who am I? Game, trikes and bikes day, movie mornings, scavenger hunts and much more, as you can see from the images above in our gallery.

If you wish to hear about our activity timetables in more depth, please contact our breakfast club team, details below. 


To register and book for Morton Vikings Before School Club please follow the instructions below.  We cannot accept bookings via the phone or school office and all children who wish to attend must be registered with the club via the KidsclubHQ system.

Bookings are released on a monthly basis and you will receive an email to inform you when dates become available to book. If you make a contract booking your sessions will automatically transfer over as soon as dates become available so you do not need to do anything.

If you wish to cancel your booking please text the Morton Vikings mobile phone and we will cancel the booking for you.

If you wish to change or amend your contract please email Morton Vikings staff and we will confirm when these changes have been made.



To contact us:





07748 179607 (during Vikings hours only)


To book a session:


Access to Morton Vikings is via the big school playground via the Southlands Gardens entrance.

Please press buzzer to be let in and ensure that you shut the gate behind you. 

To safeguard all of our children, please do not allow anyone else to enter through the gate with you.

If you are making ad hoc bookings:

The system will automatically invoice you on booking as it charges you for the sessions booking you have made.  This allows you to pay for your bookings on an ongoing basis throughout the month rather than incur a bill at the end of the month. However if you still have an outstanding balance at the end of the month the system will send you an email as per the contract booking below.


If you have a contract bookings:

The system will send you an invoice on 5th of each month (September sessions used will be invoiced on Monday 5th October).  The invoice as usual will give you 14 days to pay and the system will send you a reminder if payment is not received within the 14 days.

You cannot pay directly via the kidsclub system - Payments as usual should be paid into the Morton Trentside Primary School bank account:

TSB Sort code: 30 93 41 Account number: 00849529

and our existing voucher codes have not changed - should you require further clarification please check the payments section of the kidsclub hq which details all the codes required.

Payments will be credited onto your kidsclub account on the 18th of each month and on the last day of each month and an email reminder will be sent out to balances remaining.


Please contact us at the details above if you have any queries.

MTPS Breakfast Club Policies and Procedures May 2023