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Sports Crew


What we do!!


We apply to become a member of the Sports Crew and we help Mrs. Clarke organise PE and Sport in school, especially lunchtimes where we run activities on the playground. This is a programme where all children can try out different activities and sports. We try and do different things each week and dodgeball and hockey are really popular.


Macy said: "I like being part of Sports Crew because I like sport myself and it makes you feel really good. I would like other people to enjoy sport like I do. It would be nice if they tried an activity like netball at lunchtime then maybe joined the after school club, especially if they don't have time to do any sport outside school."


Sports Crew also nominate an individual each week to be presented in merit assembly with the MSP trophy for: "outstanding PE performer of the week." They help maintain the PE cupboard, interview visiting athletes, organise clubs and meet with the MSP coach weekly to plan lunchtime activities.



Sports Crew Report to Governors