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WC 11.10.21

This week we had a special tractor visit! We got to take it in turns to climb up the steps and sit in the drivers seat. We couldn't believe how big the wheels were! 

We did some repeating patterns with vegetables and explored chopping up different vegetables. 

WC 04.10.21

We went on a jungle adventure in yoga, using our binoculars to see what animals we could find, we then moved on our own mat like an animal. We then did a fantastic job of rolling up the mats and wrapping the bands around them.

WC 04.10.21

We started off our week by completing our first Golden Mile run. We had to keep running for three minutes to see how far we could get. We all did amazing at running and also did some brilliant shouting to support our friends in our class.

WC 27.09.21

This week we read Winnie the Witch and designed our very own Wilbur, deciding what colours we would change him to if we were to wave our wands and cast a spell! We've been dancing to music with the coloured ribbons and matching the bears to the right colours. 

WC 20.09.21

This week we have been drawing a picture of what 3 can look like in our Maths activities.

We've been talking about our families and drew pictures of our family members who we live with.

WC 13.09.21

This week we had PE with our Sports Coach, we had a multi-skills lesson doing lots of running, jumping, throwing and kicking. 

My First Week At School

06.06.21 - 10.09.21

WC 06.09.21

Our very first week in Reception smiley

We have had such a fun and busy first week at school!