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In Year One each child will be given a reading book for the week on a Friday to keep until the following Friday. It is helpful for children to really know a book before it is changed. This is because it will improve their fluency which is their ability to sight read words faster. This then means that they can begin to add expression and take account of punctuation.


To help your child get to know the book you can ask questions about it. The document below has lots of ideas for questions that you can ask. We recommend asking just a few each time your child reads. The prediction ones are best asked before/during the first read.


If your child reads their school book 3 or more times in the week, they will receive a raffle ticket. At the end of every term, a child is drawn and the lucky child will win a non-uniform day pass to use whenever they wish to. If your child consistently reads 3+ times a week, they will receive an extra playtime at the end of the term/ beginning of the following term to reward their efforts.


Thank you

Miss Fleming