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Check this page weekly for updates on our learning and exploration.


This week we had a very exciting delivery of 'Living Eggs'. The children have been waiting patiently and checking them each day throughout the day to see if any chicks had appeared. We have been learning about the life cycle of a chick and found out the the chicks use their beaks to go crack crack crack on the egg to get out. The children was very excited when they arrived at school on Thursday and 7 chicks had hatched overnight and 3 more throughout the day!

WC 13.03.23

Spotting signs of Spring! The sun has popped out a few times this week which has been very welcomed. The children have been busy looking for signs of Spring in our quiet garden and on the big field. We celebrated Red Nose Day by wearing the colour red, having our noses painted and spending some pennies on the teddy tombola and some yummy cakes! As a school we raised an amazing amount of £249.22!!


It's snowingggggg! We spent some time outside as the snow started to fall and then went inside and enjoyed a hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the fire!

WC 06.03.23

Every Monday we make playdough for the week ready for our daily dough disco session. The children work together to make this. They take it in turns to pass around the ingredients and pour it into the bowl. They each have a go at mixing and kneading the dough until it feels like the right consistency. This week we made purple and glittery playdough!


Happy World Book Day! 

WC 27.03.23

This week we’ve been learning the story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’. We then planted our own bean to see if they will grow as big as Jaspers! We explored different fruits and vegetables that have seeds in them, we have saved the seeds to dry and plant so we can discover what might happen next! It was lovely to welcome all parents in again for our termly stay & play session, thank you for coming.


Our trip to Play Avenue! We spent the morning here exploring the amazing environment set up. The children (and grown ups) had the best time playing in each of the role play areas.

WC 20.02.23 

We made the most of a windy day and decorated some paper pancakes then turned them into kites! We attached some string to them and knew when we ran with our kites we had to hold onto the string with a tight grip so they didn’t fly away. We did lots of running on the field as our kites flew up high! 

WC 06.02.23

Who is special to us? Who do we love very much? This week we made cards ready for Valentine's Day. The children made some very beautiful cards to take home. Our movie and pajamas afternoon went down a treat, the popcorn and crisps too! The children loved getting changed into their comfy pajamas and settling down to watch a film together. This is one of our '50 things to do before you leave Morton'. 

WC 30.01.23

Who's that going trip trap over my bridge!? This week we have been learning the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We have made playdough trolls, used musical instruments to make a 'trip, trap' noise like the goats hooves and have been acting out the story using small world resources. 


We were very lucky to have a football PE session with Coach Hayden from Mini Kixx in Gainsborough. We all absolutely loved it and joined in with it all so well. If you are interested in your child doing Mini Kixx please follow this link - Football Training Classes For Kids In Gainsborough (

WB 23.01.23

This week we have been learning about the celebration Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Rabbit! There are a few of us in preschool who have rabbits as pets at home. We drew some dragons and dressed ourselves in colourful scarves and paraded around the school hall pretending to be one giant fire breathing dragon! We enjoyed eating some yummy noodles and noticed how they started off hard and crunchy and turned soft and slimy once they were cooked and ready to eat.

WB 16.01.23

This week we have been learning about a celebration we all have, birthdays! We had a teddy bear’s birthday party with milk and biscuits. We weighed out flour, sugar, butter and eggs. We then took turns to mix the four ingredients together in a bowl. We put them into the oven to bake and waited for them to cool so we could decorate and eat them.

WB 09.01.23

This week we have looked at the story 'Look Up!" and had a discussion about things we may see when we look up. We thought about rockets, aeroplanes, birds, clouds, helicopters as just a few examples. We created telescopes with colouring pens and stickers and used them to look up into the sky to see what we could find. 

WB 02.01.23

This week we have learning about the Planets. We did some yoga with Cosmic Kids and went on an adventure in a rocket all the way to Space!

WB 12.12.22

It's Christmassssss! We were so amazing and braved the stage and put on a show of Wriggly Nativity for our parents and then the whole school! We had our Christmas party and danced, played games and won some prizes. We had the best time at the pantomime watching The Wizard of Oz!

WB 05.12.22

What a busy brilliant week. We have been creating our Christmas items ready to take home. We had to mix ingredients together and bake some salt dough then let it cool down before painting it. We hosted our Christmas craft stay and play with our families.

WB 28.11.22

This week we read the story 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. Our classroom is starting to feel very Christmassy! We have been busy decorating our tree, colouring pictures for a whole school competition and creating letters for Santa. We went for a cold and foggy winter walk to the postbox to send off our letters to Santa. Whilst we were there, the postlady arrived and collected our letters to send off to him!

WB 21.11.22

Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man! This week we have loved learning this story. We have been busy using the puppet props and masks to re-enact the story and be in role of the characters. We had a go at making our own gingerbread people, mixing the ingredients together, putting them into the oven and then decorating them to eat at snack time. We did warn the not to run out of the oven and that we would keep checking on them!  

WB 14.11.22

This week we have been learning the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We made a cave in our class and enjoyed a sensory tray walk, walking through the long swishy grass, swirling whirling snow storm, deep dark forest and thick oozy mud.

Odd socks for Anti Bullying Week.

WB 07.11.22

This week we have read Owl Babies and learnt about animals that like the dark are called nocturnal animals. We used chocolate scented playdough to create spikey hedgehogs and went on a woodland animal hunt around our field to find signs of animals and their habitats.

1, 2, 3 gooooo!

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WB 31.10.22

This week we had our Halloween party! We played some games and had a dance to the flashing lights and music. We spoke about Bonfire night, made yummy chocolate sparklers and had a special visit from the local firefighters!  

WB 17.10.22

This week we had our Stay and Play session. 
It was lovely to share our learning and explorations with our families.

WB 10.10.22

This week, we went on an Autumn walk to collect conkers. We found lots of different Autumn treasures on our way, including leaves of different shapes, conker shells, and a variety of flowers.

WB 03.10.22

This week, we have been working hard on our hand strength and fine motor control. From cutting and imprinting in play dough, to scooping cereal.

WB 26.09.22

This week, the children showed a lot of interest in finding birds with their binoculars. Some of them decided to make a bird house, so we used junk modelling techniques to build some. We all went on a walk around the school grounds to find leaves, sticks and feathers to keep the birds warm in their new homes.

WB 19.09.22

We have had a fantastic first couple of weeks in Preschool, exploring the classroom and expressing ourselves in a variety of ways through our play.