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                                           Yoga and Mindfulness 


Why not try some yoga at home with your children to try to relax your body and your mind.  Yoga is a great way to improve your balance and coordination as well as being a calming and relaxing experience.  

Having everyday conversations, make-believe play and reading together all make a huge difference to your child's development.  Follow the link below to visit the 'Hungry Little Minds' website to see how the words we use with our children and the conversation we have with them make such an impact.  

Your child will be bringing home a set of sounds that we have been learning in school.  Please go through these sounds every day and help your child to remember the sound each letter makes.  

If you would like some further information on the Read Write Inc. scheme or you would like to hear how to say the sounds correctly, please visit the link below

How to help your child to read at home