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Your child has been given a slip of paper this week with a food item they have chosen to bring with them to school on Monday 20th May.  We will be tasting different breads, fillings, salads etc and evaluating existing products before planning and making our own snacks that have something from each food group so that it is healthy.  We would really appreciate your support with donations so that we will have enough on the day.

I have said to the children that it would be great if they tried new things but no-one will be forced to eat anything they don't wish to.

If you would like to come in for part of the day to help, that would be lovely.  Please let me know on Monday morning or by emailing me.

We have finally won the class dojo prize!  Although we get lots of dojos, we have been unlucky so far with other classes having great weeks too.

We have chosen to watch a DVD with a snack on Friday afternoon.  Please can children bring a small snack that they will enjoy themselves.


Ancient Greece Day

We will be spending the day doing a carousel of activities to lead into our topic on Ancient Greece.  Please can children come to school dressed in a toga - this can be simply a white sheet or a long t-shirt, whatever you have handy.  Children will be invited to taste different foods during the day so please let me know if your child has any allergies.




We have had another close call and nearly lost earrings this week when children have had to take them for PE.  Please remember, children should only wear stud earrings for school so that they can put tape over them for active lessons.

Thanks for your continued support.



We are working on using some of the statutory Year 3 words in our writing and spelling them correctly. Each time we do, we earn a dojo.  You should be able to see when he have done this because the words will be highlighted in our writing.  These are the ten words we are working on at the moment which we have already learned in class.


Our Reading Certificates board - well done Alexander!

Our Reading Certificates board - well done Alexander! 1

Reading Prizes

This year, we have changed the way we reward reading.  Children earn a certificate based on how many points they have earned.  Points are given when children take a reading quiz on their book - the more they read, and the more quizzes they pass, the greater number of points they will earn.


Remember, you can keep informed with your child's reading quizzes by clicking on the image below to follow the link. Your child has been given  a username and password, please see me if you would like a copy of this.

Reading Certificates

Reading Certificates  1

Class Dojo Prizes

Remember, children can earn extra dojo points each day. We have class monitors to put these points on every day and we are also given extra points by adults in school.


We decided what our individual and class prizes would be this year. Please see below for Year 3's list. Children are given a paper slip so that you know when they have won an individual prize and you will get a text or email to let you know if we have won the class prize.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Spring Timetable

Spring Timetable 1

General information 


Keep in touch

Staff are available on the school  playground from 8.45am each morning if you want to pass on a quick message.  Should more time be needed, please email me or contact the school office to arrange a time that we can meet.

If you, or your child, has any worries, please do get in touch so that we can solve this as quickly as possible.


 School Uniform

Please can you ensure that your child’s belongings and uniform are clearly labelled. We value your support in sending your child in wearing the appropriate school uniform especially footwear.

White trainers/ logos are not allowed. If you are in any doubt please ask at the office.


Watches and small stud earrings are the only jewellery allowed in school. Earrings must be taken out for PE.

Bracelets of any kind are not allowed in school.

PE kits

Please can your child bring their PE kit in on a Monday and take it home on a Friday. Sometimes PE days are swapped around so this will mean they always have their kit in school for when they need it.

Trainers/ Plimsolls will be needed for outdoor PE for the first part of the autumn term. Please note the PE kit should be a plain white T-shirt and blue shorts


Thank you for your co-operation

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