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ACTIVE MINUTES. Year 3 came onto the field to help me reach my ‘100 miles running in July target’. They were all amazing

Enterprise Week: In our classroom, our team has been making friendship bracelets using a forward hitch. We hope you all manage to buy one as stock is limited.

You can watch our sales jingle on Morton Videos by clicking on the link below.

Art: Prehistoric Palette. We experimented with the pigments in natural products to make different colours which we used to make paint.

Local History Week: We visited Gainsborough Old Hall and entertained King Henry VIII and his wife Catherine Howard at a feast held in their honour.

Gainsborough Old Hall: We also toured the building and learned about life in a Medieval kitchen.

Jubilee preparations: we have made flags and bunting to decorate the school for our celebration event on Friday.

Our finished flags

Present Perfect poetry: We have been writing poetry using preposition and figurative language to entertain our reader. Read some of our finished pieces here.

French: Dans ma trousse, j’ai un stylo. In my pencil case, I have a pen.

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French: Ou est la porte? Elle est la. Where is the door? It is there.

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French: J'aime les sciences. I like science.

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French: J'aime l'histoire. I like history.

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PE: We have been practising our throwing skills, using our dominant hand to throw under arm with accuracy. We have also been throwing for distance using over arm, and our non dominant hand to help us aim accurately.

Science: We are exploring the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil and room to grow) We have worked in groups to set up a fair test, depriving our plant of only one of the requirements.

In computing we’ve been learning about algorithms. Quiz your children and see what they can remember.

Music: we sang and played the first verse and chorus at the end of our lesson

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Music: we practised playing the rhythm using our glockenspiels

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Music: we explored pitch at the start of our lesson by repeating patterns

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PHSE: We had our first relationship award session this afternoon. Lots of team building activities were involved. Our key words are concentrating, looking, talking, listening and thinking.

Easter: We have been learning how to use levers and linkages around pivots to make our movement mechanism in our Easter celebration cards.

 Join us in our Easter song celebration using this link.

We have been writing to inform and entertain our readers linked to making and using our shadow puppet theatres. You can see some of our work in school when you visit.

Red Nose Day 2022. We supported this great cause by dressing in red and bringing in a donation. We had fun combining our active minutes with a red nose themed egg and spoon race.

We also raised money by buying red noses. One of our pupils had the rarest nose. Can you spot Cam?

In science, we have been looking at how shadows are formed when an opaque object is placed in the path of rays of light. We used our bodies as the opaque object, changing shapes to block the light from the sun.

Our shadow puppet theatres. We decorated our theatres and used a translucent scrim through which we shone a light source. Our opaque shadow puppets blocked the light so we could see them in our theatre.

World Book Day. Some children entered a poetry competition.

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Art: We have been learning about using tints and shades and how they can be used to impact on a piece of work.

Lincolnshire Cricket: Today, we have started a new PE unit delivered by Lincolnshire Cricket. Here, we were practising aiming and throwing.

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Internet Safety Day: All fun and games?

A recipe for kindness when online.

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A song to celebrate being ourselves

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Diversity week - our understanding of the week's learning

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Celebrating our own uniqueness

PE: We have been developing our skills in athletics. This week we have worked on our jumping techniques.

Mindfulness- Cosmic Yoga

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Mindfulness - taking a brain break

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We’ve been busy solving problems using the bar model in maths this week.

French - hello and goodbye

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We’ve enjoyed learning to play and sing a new song in music. It was quite tricky to do both things but we persevered. You can find the whole song on our Morton Videos page.

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Our Snowy Chocolate Crackle Biscuits Recipe

Hope you enjoy our Christmas song - You can access all the class songs here.

DT: We designed, made and evaluated a healthy snack based on our knowledge of nutrition.

Brain Break Time. The classics are always fun!

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Christmas has arrived in year 3 🎄

Music with Mrs Chambers

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Year 3 have been working hard on their samba music.

Anti-Bullying Week: We tried to think especially about how we felt when someone showed us kindness.

Anti-Bullying Week: Year 3 looked at how other people’s actions can make us feel.

In RE, we have been looking at the importance and meaning of Hindu symbols.

All of Year 3 demonstrated showing different emotions and expression through dance and movement.

Roman movements

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Writing for purpose and audience. We have written to a primary class of children to persuade them to visit Murton Park as we enjoyed our trip there so much. We then edited our work tor purpose and audience. Have a read of our final drafts.

Year 3 enjoyed a hands on day training at Murton Park. We were recruited from our Celtic village to become auxiliary Roman Soldiers. We also made clay oil lamps and wrote in Latin.

Military Training with swords and shields

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Battle Formations! Year 3 made a formidable tortoise.

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Celts tried to take our Roman Fort!

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He was no match for our powerful army!

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Year 3 working as a team in PHSE

Lest we forget. Year 3 have been finding out the meaning of rememberance.

When I’m older, I would like to be….

Sharing our writing: We read some of our fantasy stories to Year 2. They gave great feedback and enjoyed listening to them.

Hurricane Hockey: developing our skills

Glitter germs: We did an experiment to show how germs spread.

Golden Mile

Reading music with Mrs Chambers

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Year 3 have been playing a variety of instruments in their music lessons. Last week the children read several pieces of music.

My name is….?

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Year 3 enjoying power maths this morning and using their resources when needed 😁

Hurricane Hockey: We were superheroes with special powers.

Science: Which liquid will do the best job of dissolving the coating from M&Ms?

We added an M&M to different liquids and swirled it around for 20s to see which liquid dissolved the M most

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A super explanation of our findings

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After finding out that water is the best liquid to dissolve the M off an M&M, we had a look to see what else would happen when we added water to M&Ms.

Paired reading with Year 6

Being Mindful: Taking deep, belly breaths to relax our bodies and minds.

Active Minutes: Matching the answers to our two times tables