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Mindfulness- Cosmic Yoga

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Mindfulness - taking a brain break

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We’ve been busy solving problems using the bar model in maths this week.

French - hello and goodbye

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We’ve enjoyed learning to play and sing a new song in music. It was quite tricky to do both things but we persevered. You can find the whole song on our Morton Videos page.

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Our Snowy Chocolate Crackle Biscuits Recipe

Hope you enjoy our Christmas song - You can access all the class songs here.

DT: We designed, made and evaluated a healthy snack based on our knowledge of nutrition.

Brain Break Time. The classics are always fun!

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Christmas has arrived in year 3 🎄

Music with Mrs Chambers

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Year 3 have been working hard on their samba music.

Anti-Bullying Week: We tried to think especially about how we felt when someone showed us kindness.

Anti-Bullying Week: Year 3 looked at how other people’s actions can make us feel.

In RE, we have been looking at the importance and meaning of Hindu symbols.

All of Year 3 demonstrated showing different emotions and expression through dance and movement.

Roman movements

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Writing for purpose and audience. We have written to a primary class of children to persuade them to visit Murton Park as we enjoyed our trip there so much. We then edited our work tor purpose and audience. Have a read of our final drafts.

Year 3 enjoyed a hands on day training at Murton Park. We were recruited from our Celtic village to become auxiliary Roman Soldiers. We also made clay oil lamps and wrote in Latin.

Military Training with swords and shields

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Battle Formations! Year 3 made a formidable tortoise.

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Celts tried to take our Roman Fort!

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He was no match for our powerful army!

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Year 3 working as a team in PHSE

Lest we forget. Year 3 have been finding out the meaning of rememberance.

When I’m older, I would like to be….

Sharing our writing: We read some of our fantasy stories to Year 2. They gave great feedback and enjoyed listening to them.

Hurricane Hockey: developing our skills

Glitter germs: We did an experiment to show how germs spread.

Golden Mile

Reading music with Mrs Chambers

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Year 3 have been playing a variety of instruments in their music lessons. Last week the children read several pieces of music.

My name is….?

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Year 3 enjoying power maths this morning and using their resources when needed 😁

Hurricane Hockey: We were superheroes with special powers.

Science: Which liquid will do the best job of dissolving the coating from M&Ms?

We added an M&M to different liquids and swirled it around for 20s to see which liquid dissolved the M most

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A super explanation of our findings

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After finding out that water is the best liquid to dissolve the M off an M&M, we had a look to see what else would happen when we added water to M&Ms.

Paired reading with Year 6

Being Mindful: Taking deep, belly breaths to relax our bodies and minds.

Active Minutes: Matching the answers to our two times tables

We had to make sure we stayed active and practised even when it wasn't our turn!

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Enjoying the wonderful sunshine on our first day back at school!

Transition: Children sketched their faces, one half showing their outer self and the other showing their inner self - favourite things, hobbies etc