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17/3/23: Red Nose Day and 50 Things! One of our 50 things is to bake and share it with family. To raise money for charity on Red Nose Day, we baked cupcakes for our school. We then donated and took some home to share with our family.

9/3/23: Bikeability! We were so impressed with the children who participated in Bikeability this week.

10/3/23: Art. Our artwork this week was inspired by Andy Warhol's Rorschach by creating their own symmetrical ink drawings.

3/3/23: One of our 50 things to do before you leave Morton - visit the Library!

2/3/23: World Book Day! 'Curl up with a book' theme this year was a hit! The children worked in teams to 'escape the library' challenge, virtually met Michael Morpurgo, read whenever the bell rang, led book hangman, charades and reflected on the representation of Race in our school library. We can't wait to select our own books at Gainsborough Library tomorrow!

23/2/23: Money Matters Workshop

22/2/23: To celebrate Science Week, UKS2 split into groups and tried out different experiments. We asked lots of questions and using scientific vocabulary. Both the children and adults had lots of fun!

9/2/23: Movie Night! Year 5 are so grateful to Miss Bennett and Miss Duncan for organising a movie night this week - we loved it!

8/2/23: Celebration Event! We shared our knowledge of Fractions, Persuasive writing, Pop-up books (DT), Binary (Computing), Badminton, Volcanoes (Geography) and The 5 Pillars of Islam (RE) during our Celebration Event this term.

7/2/23: Esafety day! We reflected on the positives and negatives of the internet and how we can keep ourselves safe online.

3/2/23: Reading! In Year 5, we love to read our class text under the visualiser so that everyone can follow along. Here are some of our brave readers from this week.

30/1/23: Helmet Safety. On Monday, we had a visitor who explained the importance of wearing a helmet on our bikes.

Persuasive writers! Wow - it was so difficult to choose which letters to send to Mrs Riddle. Well done to all of the children for their hard work writing persuasive letters so that we can go to the pantomime every year!

25/1/23: French! Mr Hyde read through a French text today and we had to decide if we could use our knowledge of English to figure out what the words could mean.

17/1/23: In our Music lesson this week, we learned to sing a song called ‘Freedom is coming’. We then used the notes F G A Bflat and C on the Glockenspiels to improvise and make up our own tunes to part of the song. Our partners had to listen to see if our tune worked with the backing track.

13/1/23: History! We love investigating questions such as, 'Why did Henry VIII murder Anne Boleyn?' and using our Knowledge Organisers to support our understanding.

6/1/23: Today was our first badminton lesson. We 'smash'ed it! :)

16/12/2022: On our last day, we celebrated in style with a Christmas quiz, party and games.

15/12/2022: As proud writers, we enjoyed sharing our warning stories with Year 4.

14/12/2022: What a day! A brilliant visit to the Pantomime followed by creating our own Spaghetti Bolognese recipes for our DT project!

7/12/22: Christmas jumper day.

5/12/22: We performed for the Year 4 children. In just 1 term, the children have become confident Trombone players; well done everyone!

2/12/22: Decorating the Christmas Tree.

18/11/22: The children collected pennies to support Children in Need and reflected on the term 'Reach Out' for Anti-Bullying week.

11/11/22: Remembrance. We looked at what each of the different coloured poppies represent and created our own wreaths.

10/11/22: Our first Golden Mile! The children's enthusiasm, determination and desire to do their very best exceeded my expectations. We can't wait for the challenge again next term!

4/11/22: RE. We have been reflecting on the vocabulary Hindus use. This week we learnt all about Ahimsa which means non-violence.

Congratulations to our non-chronological report writers! These superstars are ready for Hollywood! :)

Happy Halloween!

A brilliant performance of 'Harvest Samba' at the Church for Harvest Festival.

19/10/22: Class Celebration Event. Thank you so much to everyone who came to see what the children have been learning in Science, Brass, English and Maths this half term. The children thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their incredible work with you all.

14/10/22: Equality and Diversity Week! The children reflected on their understanding of stereotyping, family, race, equity and equality. Each afternoon began with an assembly on each topic, followed by an activity where the children showed brilliant awareness and understanding.

7/10/22: Computing

10/10/22: Hollywood Worthy Writers! I am incredibly proud of the progress these children have already made in their writing so far this year. It was very difficult to narrow it down, as I was so impressed by all of their adventure stories! Well done Year 5!

26/9/22: Writing Superstars! This week, we have been inventing our own adventure stories with suspense inspired by Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat.

26/9/22: In Science this week we have been investigating which material causes the least friction.

Our second Brass lesson!

TEAMWORK! This week, we have learnt the importance of communication in both our PE lesson, through team races, and in Science, investigating friction.

We have completed our first Maths unit! We have mastered partitioning and understanding number through different representations such as a number line. Similarly, using counters helped us to understand the place value of each digit.

16/9/22 We were so lucky to have a visitor teaching us about Hinduism and we created some beautiful Rangoli artwork!

We're so glad we're back with some new books!

Reading activities 12/9/22 

This week, we have listened to our class reader in the reading corner, retrieved information during our reading lesson, enjoyed our new reading books, completed quizzes and looked up our spellings using a dictionary!


Our first Brass lesson!


Our first week back! 

This week, we have been using Talk 4 Writing to learn an adventure story with suspense called Zelda Claw and the Raincat. The children have shown great enthusiasm to immerse themselves in the story! 

Talk 4 Writing in action!