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Weโ€™re really intrigued by our class book โ€˜The Flowerโ€™. We are mapping out the story

What a fantastic set of instructions on how to make a medicine for a wicked elder!

Some amazing writing this week in year 4, to write the problem of Georges's Marvellous Medicine

Looking for features of springtime

Science: Creating blooming flowers

Science: Learning how sound changes with different amounts of water in glasses

A fun quiz with Miss Bennett

Team Building with Mr Kershaw

Merry Christmas

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Songs to make anyone smile.

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Year 4 did a beautiful job this afternoon singing to the residents of Eliot House. There were lots of beaming smiles from the children and the residents reflected that. Well done Year 4

Our Eliot House visit

Making Christmas cards for the staff and residents at Eliot House.

Facing our fears.

Christmas Jumper day and Christmas Dinner day

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We have been learning about conductors and insulators in science this week.

We have learned how to do cross stitch and have created a whole-class piece of art work.

We have been learning curling and boccia with Mr Kershaw

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Year 4 well done on completing the golden mile! ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ

We had a go at making a complete circuit.

Miss Fleming had a go at doing 2 by 1 digit multiplication and the children were checking for misconceptions and explained what needed to be done to correct the answers.

Today we did some firework art with pastels!

We competed in an intra sport competition against our house teams in a cross country race. Well done Yellow team for getting 29 points altogether! ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ”†

Spelling definition bingo

We did an experiment banging the tuning fork on the table to see what it would do in the water!

Thinking of questions the girl could ask her grandad from our class book.

Dough disco with music!

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Working hard on our passing and blocking skills in netball

Learning place value with counters

All the children are enjoying dancing through our active minutes

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Eye of the tiger

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Learning our class song 'Hall of Fame'

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Great start to this term with Premier Sport!

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Dough disco!

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Working hard in maths using our place value cards.

Year 4 enjoyed drawing and writing about what they would like to be when they're older.

Every morning we are settled and get on well with our morning work.

We are great at throwing and catching!

We are settling in well in year 4