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The children enjoyed planting some spring bulbs and seeds. Fingers crossed they will grow!

The children had lots of fun raising money for Red Nose Day by wearing red, buying cakes and winning teddies on the teddy tombola.

In art we have been exploring textures through painting and collage using different tools and techniques .

Science - observational drawings

Today was the beginning of our new topic ’Plants’.  We had a selection of seeds and bulbs and studied them closely to see what they looked like and what they felt like.  We made careful observations of them and then drew each one.  We paid special attention to the changes in the bulb when it had germinated.  We noticed that the bulb looked quite different as it had sprouted new shoots. 

World book day. Year 2 have been very creative with their entries for the potato competition.

Golden mile.

Our visit to Newark air museum kickstarted our history topic ‘The History of Flight’. We looked at many aircrafts some from as early as 1909.  We were able to compare what they were made from and how planes have changed over time.  It was a great way to begin our new learning.  

Science - Healthy Plate

Today we learnt about the different food groups and created our own healthy plate meals.  Before we decided what we would have on our plates, we taste tested a range of fruit and vegetables.  As you can see we thought  some were yummy, others not so much! This was a great way of exploring new foods and introducing new healthy foods into our diets.

Internet Safety Day

During internet safety day we looked at the story of Hanni and the Magic Window.  Children discussed the positives of the internet and how they can be used for learning as well as leisure.  They also discussed the negatives such as seeing things they shouldn’t and what they should do if this happens.  



Football at The Venue

Today we completed our PE unit of invasion games with a visit to The Venue. We got to show off what we been learning about attacking and defending and putting our skills into practise with a tournament at the end.  Everyone gave their all and showed what fantastic progress they had made this term.  Thank you to The Trinitiy Foundation for having us.

The children have worked hard in their phonics and rwi lessons this week.

Library Challenge

During our reading lesson this week children were challenged to find as many books in our library from a range of authors.  The children loved it!  We then looked at the range of book covers and titles and made comparisons across the books.

Year 2 had lots of fun in their drumming lesson this week.

In History this week we recapped previous learning relating to events that happened beyond living memory and in living memory. Also differences in the classroom now and in the past.

We had fun exploring colour mixing with paint in our art lesson.

Year 2 had lots of fun at their Christmas party.

Year 2 have had fun in design and technology designing and constructing windmills.

A big thank you to Gainsborough Trinity Foundation from year 2 for our advent calendars.

We enjoyed writing letters to Santa.

This week we made paper chains and decorated the classroom ready for christmas. We also had a naughty little visitor.

Week commencing 21st November

In PHSE we discussed lots of fun activities we can do to keep our mind and bodies healthy. We had lots of great ideas like making pizza and cakes, playing with our toys, going to the park or the seaside and playing games and sports.

This week year 2 are learning the story of Lost and found using a story map. Children can practice this at home.

We had lots of fun dressing in our own clothes and having our faces painted for children in need.

For Anti-bullying week we have been discussing bullying and how we can reach out to stop it.

The children were fantastic this morning running the golden mile.

Remembrance. We drew around our hands , coloured them red ,cut them out and joined them all together to make a poppy wreath.

This week we have been learning the story of Jack and the beanstalk using a story map. Children can practise this at home.

This week in RE we wrote what we have learned about the five pillars of Islam.

Happy Halloween from year 2,

Our first celebration event as Year 2.  What a fantastic turn out of parents and grandparents.  Thank you to all who attended.  The children were very excited to be able to share their learning with you all and challenge you to see if you knew as much as they did about Science and Geography as well as Art, Maths and English.  We look forward to the next event…who knows what we may challenge you to next time!

Class celebration event

Week commencing 10 th October. Diversity week. This week we have had lots of discussions relating to challenging stereotypes, race, different families and equality.

Week commencing 3rd October. This week in computing we have been learning about the parts of a computer and their purpose.

Week commencing 26th September. This week we are learning how to write a diary. We have used a plan to help us.

Week commencing 19th September. This week in maths we have been ordering and comparing numbers and practicing our 2,5 and 10 times tables.

This week in reading comprehension we have been focusing on understanding word meaning and learning the strategies to help.