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In Breakfast Club the children spent the morning getting crafty making some Pudsey masks. We had some very colourful designs at the end of the session.

Well done Breakfast Club!


We made our very own crowns, adding as much glitter and decoration as we possibly could. Through out the morning we spoke lots about the royal family and the family history.

Getting creative is something we love to do at Breakfast Club. We added lots of colour to the playground with our drawings and games. Naughts and crosses was a group favourite. 


All of the children loved getting involved in this activity. We spoke lots about the growth of seeds, and what they need in order to do so. They have all been taking care of their seeds through out the weeks, and are looking forward to bringing them home to show you all. 


We love a bikes and trikes morning, especially now the weather is looking bright.

The children loved getting messy with us, making some yummy treats. Of course they added as many sprinkles as they could. Good job breakfast club, 

Decorating our Christmas tree 🎄


It's the most wonderful time of the year!! The children have started of the Christmas fun with lots of glitter creating these baubles that are hung up in the library windows for parents to see at drop of and collection times. 

Yoga morning

The aim of this game is to copy the yoga pose on the card and then beat the timer holding the pose. The children love this game, which is why we try to include it in our timetables once a week.

Our new room!

Cosy, fun and Versatile. perfect for different activities, or even a little quiet time. We love this space which is why were always trying to improve it.The children requested some carpet areas for circle times, yoga, and just simply comfort, as you can see from the picture above, they have since been added.


We are seeking donations of bean bags for our cozy corner, we thank you greatly if you can help, please contact Mrs Brighton or Miss Pluckwell our breakfast club team. 

Remembrance Day poppy pictures

Poppy painting, the children jump at the opportunity to get crafty with us. We put together some personalised poppy templates for the children including their names and a handpicked quote. They finished it off by using glitter, paints and even mixing the 2 together to create some different textures. Some used their hands and fingers whilst others used paint brushes and sponges. Excellent job breakfast club! 

Enjoying some crafts!

Hama beads a breakfast club favorite, often the children's number 1 Free-play choice. We like to encourage the children with 1 session a week of free play, helping them to think independently and develop decision making skills. The children have been super adventurous with these, creating colorful key rings and place mats using hand eye co-ordination skills but most of all a lot of patience.  

Halloween activities

Paper plate spiders, the children created some very spooky Halloween spiders, we spoke lots about how many eyes and legs spiders have during this activity, and why we thought they have so many, we had some very adventurous answers. These were used as decoration for our Halloween disco along with many other decorations we made.



Den building!

Den building, 2 teams and both did such an amazing job! These guys put wonderful use to their dens by using them as a prop for role play, after adding some final changes.