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Car Safety


This term we are promoting in car safety.


Did you know that in 2015 111,707 people were killed or seriously injured whilst travelling in cars ?


To keep safe in a car we should wear a seatbelt or be in a car seat. Children should be in a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall.


When we are getting in or out of a car we should do so on the path side of the car. We should always check before we open the car door and do so carefully, looking for dangers like cars or for other pedestrians.


We should pay attention to any road signs or markings.


Thank you for reading.

Riley and Adam.


Bright day


On December 4th all Children in school were invited to come in bright clothes to promote our topic. "be bright be seen." We held an assembly and explained to children that it was important in winter when it is dark to wear bright clothes so they can be seen on pavements and roads by drivers.

We were really impressed with how many children came in to school dressed brightly and we all had a good day. Prizes were given in assembly to children with the best outfits.


Fun on Wheels


This term we have been promoting bike safety and also trying to encourage more children to ride a bike or scooter to school instead of travelling in a car.

We delivered an assembly on bike and helmet safety and ran a competition. Keystage 1 had to decorate a fun and bright cycle helmet and keystage 2 designed a cool bike.

Keystage 1 winner was Eden and Melody won in Keystage 2.

Be Bright Be Seen


This term our topic is "Be bright be seen". Our JRSO officers are Liliana and Olivia. In September we conducted a survey to see how many children were wearing bright, fluorescent or reflective clothing or accessories to help them be seen on the dark mornings and evenings.

Since then we have held an assembly and a competition to promote how bright, reflective clothing can help us be seen in the dark by people and drivers of vehicles.

We also had a bright day where all children and staff came to school in bright clothes.

The winners of our competitions and best dressed are shown below.

We will soon be conducting another survey to see if more children are now wearing bright clothes or accessories to school.

Car Safety


This term our topic has been car safety. The jrsos have informed pupils in an assembly and through a display and competition that it is very important and the law that all children under 12, and under 135cm tall must use a car seat .Then use a seatbelt at all times.

We have also given advice on how to get in and out of cars safely and the road signs and markings to use to help us to be safe.

We ran a competition. Key stage 1 were asked to design a road sign to use outside school to remind children how to be safe and Key stage 2 were asked to design a game to be played in the car on long journeys to prevent boredom.

Key stage 1 winner was Florence.

Keystage 2 winner was Scarlett.

JRSO's Reports to Governors

JRSO Competition Winners