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School Games Gold Award 2018-2019

Gallery 2018-2019

Picture 1 Tri-Golf Squad-School Games Qualifying Competition
Picture 1 Sports Crew
Picture 2 Mini Olympics - School Games
Picture 3 New Age Kurling - School Games County Team
Picture 4 Goal Ball - School Games County Team
Picture 5 Wheelchair racing
Picture 6 Cricket - School Games
Picture 7 Tri-golf - School Games
Picture 8 Boccia
Picture 9 Active maths
Picture 10 Netball county qualifying
Picture 11 Local league match
Picture 12 Sarah Outen Resilience assembly
Morton Trentside Primary School was awarded the Gold Mark award following the validation visit. The validation highlighted that the school was offering a very strong sports programme across all areas of the award, including:
  • The school provides all pupils with 2 hours of curriculum PE and also have an additional 30 minutes per day as part of the schools 'Fit for Life' initiative.
  • The school offers a wide range of sports for boys and girls; 12 at Level 1 and 12 at Level 2. The school also fielded B teams in 5 sports for boys and 4 for girls, plus 1 C team for boys and girls in level 2 competitions.
  • During 2016/17 evidence highlighted that 76% of pupils engage in extracurricular sporting activity in an average week, of which 15% were from non-active/less-active population identified by the school.
  • The school offers a strong G&T programme through both MSP (Multi Sport Pro) and the local school sport partnership offer, which focusses on developing young people's sporting potential.
  • The school offers a strong leadership programme. During 2016/17 29% of KS2 were engaged in leading, managing and officiating School Games activity. The School Sport Organising Crew further support the planning and development of School Games activity via conducting post-event player interviews, reports, newsletter/website updates, look after equipment and resources, plus organise charity events e.g. race for life and support the School Games day.
  • Promotion of School Games to parents and the local community takes places on at least a fortnightly basis through a regularly updated website and monthly newsletters which heavily feature school sport content including key dates, fixtures, pictures, results and reports.
  • CPD opportunities to train and develop wider school staff have been accessed through opportunities with both
  • MSP (Multi Sport Pro) and the school sport partnership.
  • The school engages with 12 local clubs, all of which are formalised links where clubs deliver in school or host theschool on their site. The school also utilises a range of sport coaches/specialists to support their school sport offer.


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