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What to expect during your school day

What can I expect when my child returns to school?


  • Each year group will be in their own class bubble apart from when accessing designated toilets and play areas, whereby 3 wider bubbles with minimal contact will operate.
  • The 3 wider bubbles will be: - EYFS and Preschool - Years 1/2/3 - Years 4/5/6
  • From Year 2 upwards, the children will be sat two to a table, facing forwards.
  • EYFS and Year 1 classrooms will be set up in readiness for the Foundations Stage Curriculum.

Lunchtime and Break times:


  • All children will need to bring in a piece of fruit for break time snack in a named bag or box. Whilst EYFS and Key stage 1 are usually provided with this, we have been informed that the fruit scheme will not be up and running in September.
  • Children will eat in their designated classrooms.
  •  All school meals provided by Innovate will initially be pack ups. Please use the usual online booking system for booking your child’s school meal.
  • Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered.