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We have had a brilliant week again! We have been busy having so much fun. It is great to be settled back into school!smiley

Crocodiles (Reception Bubble)

Pound Fitness

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We have loved seeing your pictures of how busy you are keeping at home.  Please keep them coming and let us know if you are happy for them to be used in our gallery smiley
After reading the book Supertato, we had the opportunity to create our very own Supertato! Look how cool they are!
Creating our own shields 🛡 

World Book Week

This week is world book day! We had a special assembly and visit from a female author, Anne Stairmand on Monday. On Wednesday we get to dress up as our favourite book character!! We each bought in a book from home to share with our friends during reading time. In the classroom we have a Julia Donaldson theme and lots of our activities link to one of her books. I wonder if you can guess which book our activities link to? We have been wool and spaghetti painting, creating a stick man, potion making, decorating wands and making Gruffalo crumble, yum yum! 

Please see the parent info tab about our mystery readers.

Our Mystery Readers!

We love music in Reception!

This week we have enjoyed using the Charanga website with Mrs Barratt.  We have been singing along to 'We are family' and clapping our hands to the beat.  

Go fly a kite! We made the most of this windy weather and made kites to fly outside. We were all very excited! We also worked as a team,to create a big paper chain ready to hang up in our classroom. 
This week is safer internet week. We started off by having a class discussion about when we use Internet, what we might use it for and how to stay really safe when we use it. We spoke about making sure what we look at on the Internet is safe for us to watch and to speak to our trusted adults if we're not sure. We watched Hector and his friends show us how to protect personal information and use computers safely.
In PE with Msp Mr Heap, we bravely used the gymnastics equipment!! We were able to use the skills we have learnt over the past few weeks. It was so much fun, we were so sensible and we all challenged ourselves.
It was so nice to play in the sun!! We played in the sandpit building sandcastles and burying our feet, rode on the bikes and scooters, played on the trim trail and chased our shadows, just like to mouse in the Gruffalo's child! 
We have been doing Music with Mrs Ellis. Learning to play instruments, read musical notes and learn lots of new songs. This week we danced to music with scarves. 

Dancing to music

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This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year! We listened to the story about Chinese New Year and learnt about the 12 animals as this links with our theme this term about animals. We have been using our fine motor skills to use chop sticks and knives in the kitchen. We carefully decorated a paper plate to create one giant dragon to display in our classroom and also made brilliant lanterns to take home. 
We have been developing our skills at turn taking and playing games as part of a team.  We remember that we have to wait for our turn and that we can be happy for our friends if they win the game and we don't.  We have also been practicing our number formation in lots of ways.  We are trying very hard to make sure the numbers are facing the right way when we write them.  

This week we have been reading the Three Little Pigs 🐷🐷🐷 

We’ve used different materials inside and outside to build strong homes for the pigs. We used the knives to cut up fresh vegetables that we then mashed into ‘Wolf’ 🐺 soup, yum! We've used pictures and sequenced the story in the correct order. We used paint and mixed different colours together to make different shades of pink for the pigs. 

We have been doing a great job in RWI! We have been working really hard to Fred talk and blend words together. Red ditty group have been working on being perfect partners and pointing to words for their partner to read!
On Monday afternoons we have PE with Mr Heap the MSP coach. This term we are doing gymnastics. We have been working on our pencil rolls, trying to be as straight as possible! 

Gymnastics with MSP

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Gymnastics with MSP

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The children worked in big groups to move the crates in the direction of the treasure! They had to be careful not to fall off and fall into the sea!! The person at the back had to pass the last crate down the line until it reached the person at the front, they could then put it on the floor and move along one step. The children used fantastic teamwork to reach the treasure chest. We were very proud watching them work so well together.

Treasure Hunt - X marks the spot

Our trip to the Trinity Arts Centre to watch Mother Goose was so much fun!! 

We decorated the tree in the Hall and it looks great! We picked a bauble each and hung it on a branch. This week we have been doing lots of Christmas activities. We don't want to post lots of pictures here so you can look forward to receiving our Christmas finished products soon! smiley


We learnt about Christingles and then we made our own. Yum, yum! We had to try our very best not to eat them before home time! smiley

This week we looked at the book 'Penguin Post'. We painted eggs, made igloos inside and outside, worked in the post office writing letters and wrapping presents and so much more! We won the Class Dojo prize!!! We chose a DVD and to stick with our penguin theme we watched Happy Feet!

Olaf the Guinea Pig came to visit!

Come and have a drink in Dracula's Drinks............. If you dare!!!

Fit 4 Life

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One of our fit 4 life dances is all about the days of the week!

We went to the Book Fair and did paired reading with Year 4!

Chase the tractor!

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The children found it great fun following the tractor that was cutting the grass on our school field. They were watching it and waiting for it to come back up close.

We love the parachute!

The new Reception children were amazing on their first day.  We had lots of fun!