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Information about Accelerated Reading

At Morton Trentside we use Accelerated Reader to support rapid reading improvement. Our pupils access Star Reader assessments every half term to closely monitor their understanding and precisely target the books they should be reading to maximise progress.


The children read books and take quizzes about what they have read using a computer or iPads. They receive instant feedback about their progress and can monitor their own reading development.


Accelerated Reader offers teachers a comprehensive dashboard of information about each pupil and allows us to monitor what the children are reading; how they are performing in terms of comprehension; their reading progress across a range of texts; and helps to identify areas for development to allow for precision support.


If you have any queries or questions you would like to ask about Accelerated Reader please speak to your child's class teacher or Mrs Bell.

Book Talk


Here at Morton Trentside we value the importance of children delving deeper into their learning and so each class has a class text which they study over the period of a half term. This enables them to really get to grips with the text and pick apart the word choices of the author, discuss what might happen next or what might have been the rationale behind the author's decision within the plot and the children are able to do this through Book Talk. This also enables the children to explore writing and spelling, grammar and punctuation ideas using the same text. 

Independent Reading


The school actively promotes reading for pleasure and as well as to locate for information. There are book corners in every classroom and all children have a reading diary and a book bag to take home daily.


Parent helpers play a vital role in hearing our children read, so if you have any spare time, your support would be greatly appreciated. 

Recommended Reads for each year group.


Each year group has a class list of recommended reads which the children have access to, and can borrow, from their classroom. These are specially chosen books that we would like your children to read in each year group. We will also read some of these books to your children during our daily storytime in class.