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WB 22/03/21

WB 22.2.21

This week we have explored dinosaurs!

We have made small dinosaur worlds, as well as fossils using salt dough. 

We explored the Apatosaurus, and found out that we could all fit inside one of its footprints.

We then had a go at making our own footprints.

WB 8.02.21

As it snowed this week, we have explored snow and ice. We dressed up in our winter clothes to explore snow outside, and even brought some back inside with us to see what happened.

We made Valentines day cards for people we love, and we made some delicious pancakes.

WB 1.2.21

This week we have been exploring transport.

We played with the car garage and experimented sending our cars down different ramps and surfaces. We also built dominoes tracks and loved knocking them all down. We competed in lots of different races and we made banana boats for our snack with lots of lovely things inside.

We also completed our teacher challenge, and found lots of things in our classroom with numbers on.


WB 25.1.21

This week we made fruit kebabs, had a go at papier mache and made shields to support our role play.

WB 18.01.21


This week we have explored colour through mark making.

We talked about our favourite colours and found out which colour was the most popular by voting with pine cones.

We completed Mrs Mitchell's teacher challenge and found lots of things in our classroom in our favourite colour.