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This week we have been experiencing traditions and routines surrounding Bonfire Night. We have made firework pictures and glittery sparklers. We have also used instruments to make firework sounds, exploring loud and quiet sounds. We had a bonfire party, where we drank hot chocolate and sang campfire songs!

Bonfire Night


The Gingerbread Man - Using our Senses

WB 23.9.19

This week, Preschool got suited up in puddle suits and wellies to brave the rain.

We danced in the rain, splashed in puddles, watched things float and even collected some rain water in pots and containers. The children loved exploring!

Rain, Rain, Rain!

WB 16.9.19

We have loved exploring the bikes this week. Riding bikes and scooters helps to develop our strength and gross motor movements.

Riding bikes and scooters

The children have loved exploring their new classroom in Preschool. We have been exploring lots of messy play in our outside area and getting to know our new friends.

Our first weeks at Preschool!