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WB 9.3.20

This week we took our shoes and socks off and experienced feeling different natural textures with our feet.

Sensory Walk

Gruffalo Crumble

WB 24.2.20

This week we have been exploring Pancake Day. We talked about our favourite toppings before making our own pancakes. We chose our favourite topping and enjoyed eating them together. We explored some of the ingredients, sifting flour and juicing oranges and lemons in our water tray.

WB 3.2.20

This week we have read the story Dear Zoo.

We have explored animal patterns and used a range of materials to recreate animal skin patterns.

We've sorted animals in a range of different ways, for example, into animals with spots and animals with stripes. We also made some animal creations using recycling materials.

WB 27.1.20

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have been exploring noodles in our messy play, chopping herbs and vegetables in our home corner, and using junk modelling resources to create a dragon. We used scarves to recreate a Chinese dragon dance and have been learning to pour our own drink at snack time.

WB 20.1.20

This week we have been continuing our learning surrounding the Three Little Pigs. We have talked about our own homes and looked at a variety of keys in talking time. We have explored colour, mixing red and pink powder paints to create different shades of pink to paint pigs. We have made toast and practised using knives to spread butter, jam or marmalade on top. Delicious!

WB 13.1.20

This week we have been exploring the story The Three Little Pigs.

We have become builders, using a variety of large construction resources to build houses for the three little pigs. We have been using glue to make collage pictures of the pigs houses in our art area. We used safety knives to chop vegetables to make vegetable soup and we used our new skills to chop in the home corner.

WB 6.1.20

This week we explored shapes.

We searched for shapes around our classroom to match and sort. We used different shaped construction resources to build towers, and created different shaped enclosures for farm animals to live in.

Mother Goose Pantomime!

WB 9.12.19

This week we have started exploring traditions surrounding Christmas. We have decorated our Christmas tree with baubles and practised singing the songs for our Christmas sing-a-long. We carefully chopped carrots and brussel sprouts to make reindeer soup in our home corner and made gingerbread men in the play dough area.

WB 25.12.19

This week we have been exploring the story 'Penguin Post'. We have been finding out about penguins and re-enacted sitting on an egg to keep it warm and carrying it on feet. We explored the colour blue and created different shades through mixing different colours. We then used these colours to create a penguin egg. We looked after our own egg for an afternoon to keep it safe and to ensure it didn't crack.  


This week we went for an Autumn walk around the school grounds to find some Autumn treasures. We found lots of leaves of different shapes, colours and sizes, which we took back to the classroom to compare. We also made Autumn collages using the leaves we found. On our walk, we talked about habitats and came across a rabbit burrow!

This week we have been experiencing traditions and routines surrounding Bonfire Night. We have made firework pictures and glittery sparklers. We have also used instruments to make firework sounds, exploring loud and quiet sounds. We had a bonfire party, where we drank hot chocolate and sang campfire songs!

Bonfire Night


The Gingerbread Man - Using our Senses

WB 23.9.19

This week, Preschool got suited up in puddle suits and wellies to brave the rain.

We danced in the rain, splashed in puddles, watched things float and even collected some rain water in pots and containers. The children loved exploring!

Rain, Rain, Rain!

WB 16.9.19

We have loved exploring the bikes this week. Riding bikes and scooters helps to develop our strength and gross motor movements.

Riding bikes and scooters

The children have loved exploring their new classroom in Preschool. We have been exploring lots of messy play in our outside area and getting to know our new friends.

Our first weeks at Preschool!