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Please find preschool's weekly learning on their class gallery page. 

Reception Class

Week Commencing: 20th March

Reception Class

Week Commencing:  13th March 2023


This week we will be...

  • Observing the changes in our school grounds now that Spring is here
  • Experimenting with different printing techniques
  • Making Mother's Day cards
  • In Music, learning and practising our Easter celebration songs
  • Learning about animals and their babies that are born in the Spring and writing descriptions of them
  • In maths, we will be exploring more complex patterns and and making our own repeating sequences of sounds and actions.
  • In RE, we will be continuing with our theme of 'Our Beautiful World'
  • In PE, we will be doing Dance sequences and football skills



Reception Class

Week Commencing: 6th March 2023

This week we will be...

  • Making weather charts and symbols and updating it each day
  • Making wind chimes and kites/flying kites
  • Collecting and measuring rainwater
  • Finding shadows and drawing shadow pictures with chalks
  • Doing water colour paintings
  • Sorting clothes into seasons
  • Discussing our favourite weather
  • Puddle jumping (if it rains!)
  • In maths we will be moving onto exploring repeating patterns and making our own examples.

Reception Class

Week Commencing: 27th February

This week we will be:

  • Planting our own beans to see how tall they will grow over the next few weeks
  • Learning to re-tell the story orally using a text map
  • Sequencing the story events and writing simple labels and captions independently
  • Investigating different types of seeds and sorting them
  • Using cubes to measure giant footprints and comparing to our own footprints
  • In maths we will be starting to work on 'Subtraction'
  • We will also be joining in with lots of World Book Day activities such as writing a whole school story and sharing lots of stories together.


Reception Class

Wek Commencing 20th February

This week we will be:


  • Setting up a pancake restaurant role play area
  • Pancake making/tasting/adding topping
  • Writing- Orders/labels/receipts/describing the pancakes/shopping list
  • Sensory play- Exploring the pancake ingredients with kitchen utensils
  • Working on our fine motor skills- Cutting and sticking pancake faces

Reception Class

Week Commencing: 6th February


We enjoyed 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' theme so much last week that we are going to continue into this week.  We will be busy rehearsing our oral story telling using our class text map and will post the video onto the gallery for you to enjoy.


Also, as it will be Valentine's Day in the half term, we will be talking about people who are special to us and why we love our families.  Look out for some heart shaped creations making their way home at the end of the week!


Reception Class

Week Commencing: 30th January 2023

This week we will be...

  • Learning the story off by heart using a class text map as a prompt
  • Sequencing the events of the story
  • Making our own trolls using modelling clay
  • Building bridges using a range of materials to transport the toy goats across the water
  • Planting grass seeds and thinking about what they will need to grow healthily
  • Making 'WANTED' posters for the troll and writing words to describe him

In maths we will be working on our number bonds to 10


Reception Class

Week Commencing: 23rd January 2023


This week we will be:

  • Finding out a bit about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated
  • Using the animals of the zodiac as part of our small world role play
  • Making zig-zag books about the animals and writing our own labels
  • Making a dragon to dance with in our PE lesson later in the week
  • Using chop sticks for fine motor activities
  • Measuring in maths and comparing lengths of noodles
  • Making colourful lanterns out of paper
  • Using Chinese symbols in our mark making


Reception Class

Week Commencing 16th Jan 2023

This week we will be using the story 'Beegu' as a stimulus for our learning.

In our topic time we will be...

  • Talking about friendship and kindness and making Beegu a friend using different materials such as play dough, construction and art materials.
  • Making space pictures using different techniques 
  • Looking at Google Earth and zooming in to different familiar places
  • Finding out about astronauts in history that landed on the moon
  • Making paper mache planets

In maths, we are working on addition (combining two amounts with a total of up to 10) and making up number stories to help learn the number bonds.



Reception Class-

Week Commencing 4th Jan 2023


For this first short week back at school, we will be settling the children back into their routine and revisiting recent learning to consolidate what we have been working on in phonics and maths in particular.


Phonics- We will be re-capping all sounds to date and working on blending for reading and segmenting for spelling.  We will be starting new colour books/groups from Monday 9th Jan.


Maths- Working on recognition of numerals to 10 and combining numbers of objects within 10.


We will be introducing the children to our new theme too on 'Space'.  We will be incorporating the theme into all learning areas as well as PE when we will be doing Space themed dance and movement.


The children will be given the opportunity to look at lots of space images and ask questions that they may have using the language " I see, I think, I wonder..."



Reception Class

Week Commencing: Mon 5th December 2022

This week we will be:

  • Learning the story of 'Stick Man' and his many adventures
  • Collecting our own stick and creating our own sick people that we can take on adventures
  • Making salt dough Christmas decorations
  • Comparing Christmas past and present- Looking at toys and how they have changed over time
  • Investigating things that can sink or float like Stick Man does in the story
  • In maths we will be working on numbers to 10- Recognising, matching, sequencing, counting and representing numbers in different ways.

Reception Class

Week Commencing: Mon 28th November 2022

This week we will be: 

  • Learning the Jolly Christmas Postman story
  • Writing our own letters to Santa and posting them
  • Making Christmas cards
  • Role playing post offices/sorting offices using envelopes, parcels and labels
  • Making picture maps of the postman's journey through the story
  • Practising matching numerals to corresponding amounts
  • Using snowy playdough 
  • Re-telling the story using small world stick puppets and props

Reception Class

                                      Week beginning Mon 21st November 2022                                                   


This week we will be basing all our learning around the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'.


We will be:

  • Creating a text map of the story to help us learn the story by heart and perform it to the pre-school at the end of the week
  • Developing language and vocabulary by describing the characters from the story
  • Using small world figures and props/stick puppets of characters from the story to encourage independent story telling inside and outside
  • Baking Gingerbread people and exploring the scent of ginger- Using tools to roll out and cut shapes
  • Creating our own gingerbread people using collage materials
  • Running, jumping, skipping and hopping as fast as we can in PE, just like the Gingerbread Man!

Reception Class- 14th November 2022


This week we will continue our learning about celebrations and will use 'Scarecrow's Wedding' as our stimulus. It is also Anti-Bullying week so we will be doing some circle time work about how to be kind towards others and be a good friend.


This week we will  be...

  • Sharing experiences of family occasions such as weddings

  • Finding out about traditions related to different celebrations

  • Writing invitations

  • Designing and making hats, flowers and decorations

  • Sampling fruit cake

  • Making models of tiered cakes using construction kits and junk modelling

  • Role playing a wedding service



Reception Class- 7th November 2022

This week we will be learning about nocturnal animals and using the story of Owl Babies as a starting point.  We will be finding out facts about owls and learning which other animals only come out at night.  


As part of our topic on celebrations, we will be leaning about the Hindu festival of lights called Diwali and making comparisons to Bonfire night and Christmas.


Some activities we have planned for this week include:

Den building and using torches

Leaf owls

Making Diwa lamps with salt sough and Rangoli patterns using chalks and oil pastels

Stick puppets and props for re-telling the story




Reception Class

Week Commencing: Monday 31st October 2022


This week we will be starting our new topic called 'Let's Celebrate'.  We will be having lots of Halloween fun on Monday wearing our costumes and taking part in crafts, exploring pumpkins, playing games and dancing.  We will also be sharing the book 'Room on the Broom' and sequencing the story events.


For the rest of the week, we will be thinking about how the seasons change through the year and what other celebrations we have.  We will then be looking forward to the weekend when many of us will celebrate Bonfire Night.  A fire engine will be visiting us on Friday and we will be learning how to keep ourselves safe whilst enjoying the events with our families.

Reception Class

Week Commencing: Monday 10th October 2022

This week, the whole school are focusing on 'Diversity' so we will be sharing lots of photographs, stories and video clips that promote discussion about people all being unique and the need to be respectful and kind to everyone.  This will include raising awareness (in an age appropriate way) about stereotypes, different types of families, race, equality and equity and also disabilities.

Reception Class 

This week we will be reading ‘My Map Book' by Sara Fanelli.  This book helps us to use our imagination and represent familiar places using pictures and symbols.

We will be:

  • Making our own large scale maps using natural objects and loose parts to represent familiar features.
  • Thinking about our route to school and what we see along the way
  • Enjoying our ‘Charanga’ music lesson where we will use our bodies as percussion instruments.
  • Developing balance and co-ordination in PE lessons
  • Learning the next four sounds (u, b, f, and e)
  • Making hot chocolate in small groups and describing the taste

Home learning:  You could talk about what you see on your way to and from school every day. (Permanent features e.g. the Co-op, the church etc)





Reception Class

Week Commencing: Monday 26th September 2022

This week we will be reading the story 'Super Duper You'.  This story helps us to think about all of the things that make us special and 'super'.  

We will be:

 - Investigating our 5 senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling) in lots of fun and interactive ways.

 - Making pictures with our hand prints and unique super hero masks

 - Having a go at writing our name (we will do this many times over the year to look at progression)

 - Outside we will be working on our ball skills e.g. kicking, rolling and throwing

 - Sharing lots of stories and songs

 - Singing counting and number songs 


Home learning:  You could have a chat about what you see on your way to and from school in preparation for next week when we will be thinking about where we live and our local area.  

                                                             Reception Class                                                   

Week Commencing: Mon 19th September 2022

This week we will be reading the book ‘What Make Me a Me’ by Ben Faulks & David Tazzyman

This book to help understand how we are all special in different ways and that is what makes us unique.   

We will be:

  • Thinking about what we are each good at and what things are special to us.


  • Discussing our likes and dislikes and making a poster to share with everyone in the class. 


  • Experimenting with body percussion in our music lesson


  • Practising ball skills and agility in PE.


  • Learning our next few sounds (t, i, n ,p)


Home learning:  Please send in a family photograph if you haven’t already.  It is lovely to have these on display in our home corner.



Reception Class

Week Commencing: Monday 12th September 2022


This week we will be reading the story 'My Many Coloured Days' by Dr Seuss

 This story helps us to think about all of the different feelings we might have especially when starting school.  

We will be:

  • Talking about families and how they are all different and special

 - Looking at our faces in the mirror and painting self portraits or using natural, loose objects to represent our faces.

 - Making mood monsters and recording how we feel at different times

 - Starting to learn our first sounds (m, a and s) You can find information about how we teach phonics on the parent’s section of the class page on the website.

 - Outside we will be working collaboration, sharing and turn taking skills

 - Sharing lots of stories and songs

 - Singing counting and number songs 

Home learning:  It would be great if you could bring in a family photograph so that we can take a copy to put up in our home corner.  We will be having a circle time to talk about our families and why they are special to us.

Welcome to your first week in Reception

(Starting back on Tuesday 6th September 2022)

Hello, and welcome to Reception.  This term our overarching theme is 'All about me'.  This week we will be spending lots of time;

 - Getting to know each other

 - Exploring the classroom

 - Exploring the outdoor area

 - Thinking about our class routines 

 - Having lots of FUN!!! 

(don't forget to look at our class gallery to see what we have been getting up to)