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Our Learning

We started our DT project this week. Our brief was to create an Anderson Shelter with a stable structure. We have measured and sawed wooden dowel safely and thought about the best way to arrange these to create a stable structure.

We have been thinking about purpose and audience. Our task was to create an information leaflet to inform 8-12 year olds about the dangers of Yellow Spotted Lizards at Camp Green Lake. We’ve tried hard to include parenthesis and relative clauses.

This week’s merit was for always being ready to learn and having a go at everything! Well done 🌟

Our first merit in Year 6 was for a fantastic attitude to learning! Well done 🌟

In maths this week we have been looking at different ways to complete multiplication questions.

As part of a whole school focus on diversity, we had a visitor in school who shared her knowledge and interest in Hinduism and India. It was a fantastic day and the children engaged really well.

We are all enjoying reading our books, newspapers or magazines!

Today we had our first violin lesson. We had great fun learning about the different parts of the violin and investigating the pitch of the different strings.

First week of Year 6!