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Our learning

Our visit to St Paul's church where we watched a mock Baptism

We saw the original font at the back of the church
This solid silver jug is used to fill the font.
The new font at the front of the church
Parents of the 'baby'
Parents and God parents at the font
Helping to fill the font
Lighting the candle after the Baptism
A shell is used to scoop up the water.

Sketching plant life in the Spring sunshine

Members of Y2 who took part in the poetry competition and performed their poems to an audience and judges!

Learning ball control skills in our 'Hurricane Hockey' session

Keeping Rhythm with 'We Will Rock You'

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Listening and Appraising in Music Lessons

We have been talking about why hygiene is so important and how to wash our hands properly to keep the nasty microbes at bay.

What microbes might look like under a microscope
soap experiment in groups
Soap gets rid of the microbes
Hand hygiene facts

Feb 2020

Internet Safety Awareness


In class, we looked at a story together called ‘Digiduck’s Famous Friend’


We discussed the messages from the story and agreed that the main points were…


  • Don’t give out personal information to people     

you don’t know.

  • Be aware that people online can give false information about themselves.
  • Always tell an adult if you are unsure what to do about something online.


Some of our work about internet safety

Internet Safety Week. Year One and Two joined together to listen to an assembly on what makes up the internet and how we can stay safe online. We discussed how to do this and what sort of personal information we should NEVER give out!

Learning about explorers in history

We learned about the expeditions that failed
They reached the South Pole but were disappointed!
Making notes about what we learned


Learning compass points and following directions
Locating continents on a globe
Learning how to find places in an Atlas
Using an Atlas to locate  countries in the N S E W

We have been learning about the seven continents of the world today in Geography.  We found this song very helpful. Feel free to practise at home! smiley

Writing in Y2

These help us to be more independent writers.
Practising proof reading and editing
Learning handwriting joins
Story writing from this week
A scaffold to help organise writing
We make improvements to our work using purple pen.

Inference & Prediction Skills in Y2

We have been finding out about living things and the different world habitats.

Matching living things to their habitats

This week in maths we have been learning about division using sharing and grouping methods.

We practise our spellings in lots of different ways.

Matching contraction words
Wouldn't is short for would not.
She'll is short for she will.
They're is short for they are.
We're is short for we are
Handwriting words of the week
Finding the words of the week
Learning how to use an apostrophe
Working out the hidden words from the shapes
Apostrophe for possession
We labelled things around the room
The cage belongs to Olaf.
The books belong to year 2.
The desk belongs to Mrs Scott.
The laptops belong to school.
The water bottle belongs to Miss Duncan.

Times table sing off. (Boys V Girls)

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This is a clip of our 'Number Cruncher' song that we have learned to help know odd and even numbers.

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We have been learning about odd and even numbers and here we were playing a game where we had to sort the balls into the odd or even basket depending on which type of number they had written on them.

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We all enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers and having Christmas dinner together.

We introduced the class to mindfulness activities. The children had to focus their attention on the fruit pastilles and notice the texture, smell, shape and then finally, the taste. They also watched a video clip called 'Taming the Beast' which was all about how we experience negative emotions and ways in which we can control them. Finally, we listened to some relaxing music and did some mindfulness colouring.

In Geography, we have been learning about plan view. We used Lego bricks to represent features of our classroom and created a key.

We have been learning and reciting poems by heart using our text maps as a guide.

Anti-Bullying Week- Year 2 Looked at the school box where they can report any bullying and also made personal pledges to show how small acts of kindness can really make a big difference.

Pennies for Pudsey

Singing in our music lesson

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We love singing in year 2 and we are excited about starting to learn our Christmas concert songs. Here's a sneaky peak!

In class this week, we had a discussion about keeping ourselves safe at this time of year. We looked at top tips for staying safe on Halloween night. The children also came up with their own suggestions and made posters to remember the safety tips.

Testing materials to see if their shape can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting or stretching

Understanding what verbs are in today's SPaG lesson

Kings & Queens Day

Constructing thrones for Queen bear using junk materials

Our Tudor rose designs

We enjoyed practising dribbling the footballs and tennis balls in the morning sunshine.

Class novel 'The Twits'

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Enjoying our paired reading time with Y6 and our class novel 'The Twits'. Even Olaf (Our class guinea pig) enjoys listening to stories!

Finding out about life in the 1950's when Queen Elizabeth came to the throne.

Learning a new song in our music lesson

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Hands, feet, heart song

Learning how to make changes to a word document in our computing lesson

Recognising different materials in the environment

Object control in PE

Fun with 'popcorn maths' to help with recognition of numbers to 100

We have all settled into our new class well