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Enterprise Week- In the Y2 classroom this week, we were organising the tombolas for the summer fayre. The children worked so well in the mixed aged team and showed a lot of co-operation too! We worked on advertising posters, a banner and even made up jingles to try to generate interest around the school. It was a very busy but fun-filled week!

We weighed using grams and worked co-operatively to make the scales balance. It was lovely to do this in our outdoor area in the shade.

Very proud of these two children from Y2 for showing politeness and courtesy towards their peers and visitors in school.

Local History week. In year 2 we have been looking at the history of our school.

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Local history week

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Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

After a tricky week of SATS tests we have enjoyed an afternoon of fun, free choice activities.

Today we had a circle time discussion about worries. We read the story ‘Ruby’s Worries’ and then drew our own worry bubbles and shared them with our talking partners.

In our science lesson this week we were testing different materials to find out which were the best waterproof ones that could mend a hole in an umbrella. Using our results, we then decided which material would be best to do the job and gave a reason why.

At the beginning of the week one of our classmates had been celebrating Eid. She kindly brought treats for everyone and showed us her henna tattoos on her hands. "Eid Mubarak"

We enjoy our Charanga music lessons. This week we have been finding the beat in music, listening to and clapping back rhythms and learning a new song about helping others.

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Clapping back rhythms

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Our current class song is called ‘Helping other people’

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For our PSHE session this week, we had great fun working on team building skills with our visitors. We realised the importance of listening, concentration, looking and talking.

Look at our wonderful Easter egg competition entries!

We have enjoyed working on our own acrostic poems this week on the theme of Spring.

We had lots of fun on Red Nose Day. We wore red, designed our own red noses, did red nose relay races and decorated cakes and biscuits ready to sell on the stall after school.

The children were given a challenge to show us what they had learned so far about how plants grow and what they need. They did this using collage materials. We were very pleased to see that they had added labels to demonstrate what science words they knew. Children knew vocabulary such as nutrients, water, temperature and sunlight and added labels to their picture.

World book day. The children all looked fantastic in their costumes.

We enjoyed learning cricket skills today in our PE lesson. We were practising our speedy runs and aiming at the stumps.

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Today we enjoyed working with a poet called Rob. He helped us to make up our own rap on our chosen theme ‘Encanto’. It was great fun.

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Our final version of the rap

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Our completed rap

Before we worked on the rap we practised using rhyming words to complete a line.

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Our recent art work has been based on ‘Human Form’. We explored different styles of portraits and produced our own versions.

Internet Safety Day- Writing kindness spells

We made posters to encourage people to be safe and kind online.

Who helps us to stay safe online? We talked about our trusted adults.

We thought about which pieces of information are safe to share online and which things we should keep private.

A story to promote internet safety

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We enjoyed ‘This is Me’ day where we came to school in our choice of clothes. We each made a poster to represent ourselves and all the things that are important and special to us.

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We have been learning a song all about Diversity.

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Families are all different but all have one thing in common…LOVE!

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We have been talking about how we need to accept everyone for their individuality. We wrote kind messages to each other to keep in an envelope. It is a nice feeling to know that people like us, care about us and recognise our qualities.

We talked about stereotypes and how not to make judgements about people.

Can we identify a boy or girl just from their hairstyle?

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Are elderly people still able to do sport?

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Is it just men and women that marry?

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Do only girls like ballet?

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Can people with a disability be good at sport?

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To introduce ‘Diversity Week’ we have been learning about what it means. We watched a video clip and made posters to show our understanding.

To link with our art work, in PE we have been using our bodies to make the shapes of letters. We call it the human alphabet.

We enjoy our daily run during active minutes time. We are increasing the number of laps we can do in the time.

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Mindfulness. Colouring with relaxing music.

In maths this week we have been learning how to find the difference between two numbers using different methods of subtraction.

We enjoyed our first drumming lesson today. They are called Djembe drums.

Today we sent messages to our new partner school in South Africa. We looked on the world map to see where it was in relation to the UK. We are hoping to do some joint projects in the new year.

Please take the time to view all of our class Christmas songs that we had practised for our Nativity.  They are on 'Morton Videos'.  Click the link below. We hope you enjoy watching them. smiley

Santa fun run 2021

We all enjoyed our Christmas dinners today. 🎄

Our class performance of the glokenspiels

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We have been learning to play a few notes to accompany a class song we have learnt. We had to try hard to keep in time with the music.

In RE this week we have been continuing our work on Islam. We have talked about what it means to belong and how it makes us feel. The children thought of different groups that they belong to.

Well deserving merit winners for this week. Well done girls.

When we plan a piece of writing, we think carefully about the audience and purpose and take time to plan. This was a recent recount about our visit to Lincoln.

This week we have focused on anti-bullying messages in our PSHE lessons. The theme this year is ‘One Kind Word’.

As part of our work on Remembrance, the children made poppies and wrote on the petals to say what things they are most thankful for.

Remembrance Day 2021

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We have been learning about why today is a special day and people wear poppies. At 11 O’clock, we took part in the national 2 minute silence to pay our respects towards the people who fought for our country and sadly lost their lives.

We will remember them

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We have been looking at pieces of artwork by the artist Kandinsky this term. We practised our colour mixing skills and added hints of black and white to change the tones to create our own version. We took our inspiration from fire linked to our Great Fire of London topic and also bonfire night when mixing our colours.

Having fun practising maths during our active minutes. “Collect all the numbers greater than…, with 5 tens, that are even numbers.”

This week in PSHE we have started our unit on ‘Digital Wellbeing’. It is all about using the internet safely.

We have been reading ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ for the last few weeks and today we tried some marmalade on toast to see whether we like it as much as Paddington does!

This week we have been thinking about the future and talking about careers. The children have described the job they would like to do when they grow up and given a reason why.

Our class winners of the summer reading challenge. These were chosen at random from all the entries. Well done girls!

Food Technology skills- We have been learning how to chop, slice, grate and peel fruit and vegetables safely in preparation for making a healthy fruit snack after half term.

Today's Hockey Heroes

We all took part in the Golden Mile baseline today to see how far we could run in 3 minutes. We will do this again after Christmas and in the Summer to check our progress.

Today in maths we have been learning how to count in 3's. We made triangles with lolly sticks and counted in 3's to find out how many sticks we had used. We also looked at the pattern it made on the 100 square.

We have started learning our class song ready for the Harvest Festival on the 19th of October.