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Our learning

We have been reading ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ for the last few weeks and today we tried some marmalade on toast to see whether we like it as much as Paddington does!

This week we have been thinking about the future and talking about careers. The children have described the job they would like to do when they grow up and given a reason why.

Our class winners of the summer reading challenge. These were chosen at random from all the entries. Well done girls!

Food Technology skills- We have been learning how to chop, slice, grate and peel fruit and vegetables safely in preparation for making a healthy fruit snack after half term.

Today's Hockey Heroes

We all took part in the Golden Mile baseline today to see how far we could run in 3 minutes. We will do this again after Christmas and in the Summer to check our progress.

Today in maths we have been learning how to count in 3's. We made triangles with lolly sticks and counted in 3's to find out how many sticks we had used. We also looked at the pattern it made on the 100 square.

We have started learning our class song ready for the Harvest Festival on the 19th of October.

Today we had a class election to vote for one boy and one girl to represent our class at pupil council meetings this year. Well done to our new class reps.

We enjoyed using Glokenspiels in our music lesson and played a simple accompaniment to a song we have been laerning.

We are looking at Kandinsky in art and making light and dark tones using pencil.

The children worked in pairs to plan the algorithm before inputting to see if it was correct. If it went wrong, they had to discuss why and make alterations to their algorithm.

In today’s history lesson, we looked at a scene from the Great fire of London and pretended that we were a person in the picture. The children could describe what they might have been doing at that moment. E.g. using a fire hook to pull down houses, climbing into boats on the river or hurrying through the streets carrying their belongings.

This week we have been getting very good at using french greetings when taking the register..yessmiley

More super maths using lots of different models and equipment to represent numbers

In maths we have been representing numbers up to 100 in different ways.

In computing, we are learning about coding and making simple algorithms. Today we made a code for our partner to follow. It was great fun!

We enjoyed our paired reading session with the Y5 pupils. We read to them and they read to us.

Our completed stick characters

Today we tried Cosmic yoga in the hall for our PE lesson. It was an underwater adventure story!

Enjoying yoga in the classroom

We enjoyed the story Stanley's Stick in Y1 so we are making our own stick characters and using them to write adventure stories now that we are in Y2.

We enjoy having regular brain breaks during the day. Here we are doing a 'Go Noodle' routine.