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Science - Dissecting a Heart

We kick started our new Science topic 'Beating Heart' by dissecting a heart. Some of us handled the heart and described what it felt like for those who were not so keen to touch it. 


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Some of our year 6 pupils have chosen independent reading books which have themes relating to our WW2 topic. 


This week we began our paired reading with year 2.

Evacuee Day

Evacuee Day 1
Evacuee Day 2
Evacuee Day 3
Evacuee Day 4
Evacuee Day 5
Evacuee Day 6
Evacuee Day 7
Evacuee Day 8
For our evacuee day some of our pupils dressed up and brought in shoe boxes stuffed with their prized possessions.  Children shared the reasons behind some of the contents and enjoyed looking at each other's.  When the air raid siren sounded we had to take cover in our pretend Anderson shelter and wear gas masks. 


PE 1
PE 2
PE 3
PE 4
PE 5
PE 6
In today's lesson, pupils were tasked with creating their own SAQ (speed,agility and quickness) course.  They worked together in small groups to design their course and demonstrate their idea to other groups before working up a sweat on various courses. 


Maths 1
Using our place value grid to solve problems in maths.

Investigating artefacts

Investigating artefacts 1
Investigating artefacts 2
Investigating artefacts 3
Investigating artefacts 4
Investigating artefacts 5
Investigating artefacts 6
Investigating artefacts 7
On our first day back at school we explored relics from the past relating to our history topic - World War Two.