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Graffiti Wall

End of term water fight with Years 4, 5 & 6! Fun was certainly had by all and was needed on a hot afternoon!

Wimbledon Week. We have watched some live games, learnt the rules and then played some games.

Wimbledon research PowerPoint

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Using laptops and iPads to research Wimbledon and famous tennis players. We then used word or PowerPoint to create a poster or presentation to show what we had learnt.

Joint P.E with Year 1. Year 6 demonstrated fantastic leadership skills today to ensure that the game was enjoyed by everybody. They were fantastic role models well done Year 6!

Enterprise Week - The children in our group in Yr6 made bird boxes, bird feeders and fat balls. They found recipes and plans. Communicated about the roles they needed to undertake and then they learnt new skills. Fun was had by all.

PGL songs!

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Mighty Morton

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Raft Building

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In you go Mrs Harris-Raven!

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Cut the Cake

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Mrs Darby enjoying the zip wire!

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Our focus to for the whole school history project was Marshall’s Yard. We researched it then created fact files including a timeline.

For community project week, we have made cards for the staff at John Coupland Hospital and delivered them to their staff team. We loved seeing the smile on their faces!

Our key words for French this week are: où est, il/Elle est là, où sont and ils/elles sont là. Have a listen to us practising our vocab!

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We love to use language gym to help develop our vocabulary.

Today we’ve had an amazing day den building! We’ve had to focus on team work and problem solving to be successful.

We had great fun playing some games during active minutes. We were set a number of challenges and had to retrieve different items worth different points. Sometimes we weren’t allowed to use our hands!

In science we looked at peppered moths. They are an example of living things adapting to their environment, and how this may lead to evolution.

Every week, we listen to a piece of music from a different period. This week, we listened to Chopin Mazurkas Opus 24. This was composed in 1826 which is from the classical period. We shared our thoughts on how the piece of music made us feel and any observations we had made whilst listening to it.

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We had our first relationship award session this morning. We looked at how listening, concentration, talking, looking and thinking all contributed to effective team work. We put these skills into practise by working together to complete given tasks.

Easter crafts

New Beginning

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Golden Mile- we really worked hard and lots of improved distances. Well done Year 6!

In English this week, we have been looking at persuasive adverts. We were given a picture of a derelict house and used positive language to persuade our partner to buy it.

Red Nose Day

Yellow and Blue day to raise money for Ukraine 🇺🇦

In science, we have been looking at how plants and animals have adapted to their environment and what would happen if they didn’t adapt.

Poetry Competition

Charcoal portraits in the style of Käthe Kollwitz using halo and chiaroscuro techniques.

Internet Safety Day

Diversity week. We have had a fantastic week discussing and learning about, identity, stereotypes, families and gender identity. We have performed a song as a whole school project and produced flags to represent our own identities.

PE - dance. We’ve been using WW2 ideas to create a dance performance that tells a story.

Mindfulness - listening

Solving time problems

Jingle Bells

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We have learned how to use 3 fingers on the strings! Happy Christmas everyone.

In D and T this week, We have designed, made and evaluated our own savoury biscuits.

Learning how to use the bow.

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Violin lesson

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Do you have to believe in God to be good? We have been learning about Humanism and Buddhism to help us discuss this question.

Writing for purpose and audience. Examples of poetry written to entertain the Year Six adults to be published in a class book. There is also a picture of our current unit’s working wall.

We have looked at different war poets during Remembrance Week.

In PSHE this week, we have started our new topic all about Digital Wellbeing.  We have explored the many different ways we can use the internet and looked at the advantages and disadvantages for each one.  We discussed different online scenarios looking at whether they were a positive or negative use.  We then thought about how this could affect our mental health and well-being.  We then discussed ways we could improve our Digital Wellbeing.

Harvest Song

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For careers week we have had two virtual visitors talk to us about their jobs and have researched our dream job.

Summer reading challenge winner

Describing the Circulatory System

Investigating night and day

Science- The Digestive System

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Working together to problem solve in Maths

Exploring different types of information texts

We will add images each week of lessons and activities that children have enjoyed.  You can also see what we have been doing by following our class Twitter page.