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Christmas party - don't our children look fantastic in their Christmas outfits? We've had so much fun at our party playing games like Christmas corners, musical statues, musical chairs and a good old boogie! Candycane, our elf, even treated us to a Christmas present each!

We decorated our Christmas tree on Friday. Today we have completed our Santa Fun run and videoed our Christmas poem. Here are a few pictures..

Christmas Crafts - we used our careful cutting skills this afternoon to make colourful paper chains to take home to decorate our Christmas trees. There was a bit of a competition to see who could make the longest chain!

The Christingle - this week we have learnt all about the Christingle and what each part represents. We made one from scratch in the classroom and then Mrs Bell carefully lit it.

Science this week- we have been looking at our senses and today we investigated our sense of hearing and our sense of touch. We all know the organ responsible for touch is our skin!

Writing this week - We talked about using our manners when eating. Then we wrote a list of Do's and Don'ts for eating.

Maths - This week we are focusing on doubling - all our activities inside and out have been helping us to practise these. Look what fun we are having learning!

This week it is anti bullying week. We talked about ways to be kind and friendly and what we could do to help stop bullying. Then we entered Mrs Riddle's poster competition!

Practical learning with maths - we are learning about addition and using so many different types of equipment to help us do this.

Today we have learnt about the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. Then we created our own works of art using natural resources.

The Golden Mile. We'll be trying again soon to see if we can get further than today and nearer to a mile. We all enjoyed it!

In Science we have started our Animals including Humans topic.

Part Whole models - we have been looking at part whole models today and using practical resources to make these. We started with cubes before moving onto writing out the numbers and finally the calculations we had created.

Fireworks - As it is bonfire night this week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and we watched the London Fireworks on You Tube. We then made firework pictures using Pointillism, wrote about the noises fireworks make and made our very own sparklers!

Harvest - We discussed the things we are thankful for in ours lives and how we have collected food donations previously to donate to the community.

Our art project. We have created a whole class piece of art. We are very proud of it.

Look at our shape work in maths. We've had lots of fun with marshmallows!

PE this week.

Numicon maths hunt - Mrs Duffield hid different pieces of numicon in our outside area and working in partners we had to find two pieces that together made ten.


Please follow this link so your child can show you our harvest song and help them learn the lyrics. 

Maths this week. Working on more and less.

This afternoon we have made our Three Pigs houses. Lots of glue, mess and fun!

Three little pig story map - we have started making this today

Still image for this video

Today we used our design plans to make our Troll Bridges out of junk modelling.

Designing our troll bridges

Troll writing - We looked at a picture of a troll and came up with adjectives to describe him.

Maths fun - Ordering numbers -what a challenge!

In PE this week we have been learning how to balance using different points of our bodies and different ways of balancing.

2D shapes - we have been practising drawing our shapes, making them on geo boards and making games up to help us remember their names.

Small world - look at the bridges and small world Three Billy Goat's Gruff worlds we have been creating.

The three billy goats gruff - this is our new story and today we have been making trolls!

We've had a fantastic maths session today!

Number practice counting to 10 and 20

Making beds for the Bears in Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Maths - we've been so busy practising our numbers to 10, sorting and counting.

Dough Disco - can you tell we were squeezing our play dough as hard as we could?

Today's maths. Lots of hard work. Well done everyone.

Maths this morning.

After Mrs Harris-Raven read Goldilocks and The Three Bears again. The children were challenged to act it out. They did a fantastic a job and had great fun.

Today we have drawn numerals in porridge oats and practised writing.

We made bear masks this afternoon

We've been ordering numbers 1-10

We have been practising how to use our sounds to read and write words

Reading our class book Goldilocks and the three bears together.

We're having lots of fun!

On our first day we explored our new classroom and outdoor area