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Well done Morton Families

Dear Parents/ Carers,

This letter is purely to say WELL DONE! You are surviving a pandemic! Whatever your personal   circumstances, we think you are doing an amazing job!

If your child has not finished their school work…. that’s okay. We know our children are safe, loved and cared for and that is the most important thing at the moment. We have set work for your child but all we ask is that you do your best. If that is a quick 30minutes of reading, number bonds or timetables here and there. That is okay. If you want to do all the work set, that is okay too. Please do not let school work put extra pressure on you and your family’s relationships, mental health and wellbeing. Remember we are trying to survive a pandemic. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we do appreciate that.

Although it is stressful being at home all the time, we can try to treasure and enjoy it as best we can. Play board games, watch movies together, bake, read stories, get outside, go for a nature walk or a walk to the shops. Build dens in your living room – have fun! These are the memories your child will always have with them and that will see them through life. Not that worksheet that took you three hours of arguments and stress! Get them making their beds, setting the table, being part of everyday jobs in the home. These skills are life skills and develop independence. It helps them tackle things with a ‘can do’ attitude, it develops their resilience to overcome barriers.

So be kind to yourselves and remember, although we are closed to lots of children, we are still here for all our families. If you need support in anyway, we are here! We do miss you all! 

Stay safe.

Beverley Riddle