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Remote learning updates January 13th



                                                                                         12th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have been overwhelmed with your positive comments regarding remote learning so far. Although I appreciate it is only day 2, it is at least a positive start to another new journey we find ourselves on!

We are aware that there have been a few teething problems and we are constantly reviewing how it is working in practice. We are listening to your feedback and having regular team meetings to discuss these issues and how we can resolve them.


Below are a few updates/ alterations that may help you access the remote learning more easily:



  • If you have issues on Dojo please use the Parent Helpdesk button for support.
  • All work can be done on the screen, however if your child prefers to note the answers down, they can use their homework book. When completed take a photo of the work and upload the photo to Dojo. Either way is fine.  
  • If, however you have a printer, and prefer to print the worksheets off, go to Class page/ Remote learning tab and you will find the same sheets in a printable format. Once completed take a photo of the work and upload to Dojo.
  • FEEDBACK: If a teacher adds feedback that your child needs to respond to, the work will be returned as a draft. Your child can then respond to the feedback and re-send it to the class teacher. Once complete it will go to the portfolio file.
  • You can download the Dojo App onto Kindle tablets.


Reading: The expectation is for your child to read every day.

Bugclub: This is our online reading option that includes the online texts that are linked to your child’s reading level. The teacher can monitor your child’s reading and ensure books are matched correctly.

  • The main issue tends to incorrect inputting of the username and password.
  • It is case sensitive and a common error is parents typing the letter o instead of a zero.

Accelerated Reader:

This a Reading programme we use in school to check for comprehension and but relies on you having the books at home. If you have a book at home your child would like to read, search in the book finder on Accelerated Reader, if there is a quiz that relates to that particular book it will locate the book.  The Accelerated Reader logins are in their homework book. If you can’t find the password, please ask the class teacher.

A new addition to Remote Learning: We love reading! Story time is back!

Children, whatever their age, love being read to, so from today your child’s class teacher or class Teaching assistant, will bravely, record themselves reading a chapter of the class novel for your child to listen to daily. Reception and Y1 will have weekly recorded story time that match the topics.   You can find the stories on the website: Children tab/Morton videos – enjoy!

Please note: Reception learning is organised slightly differently and will all be sent via class dojo    and put onto the EYFS class page.


During this lockdown schools are legally compelled to deliver remote learning to the children in their school.

There is an expectation, that all children engage work/ tasks set. Class teachers will monitor the engagement of your child in their learning.  We will work with you and your child to overcome any barriers that may prevent them engaging in their learning. We recognise children are all different and may need slightly adapted approaches. It is a learning curve for us too!

We also want you to enjoy being with your children and have fun! Children learn so much by experiencing, doing and talking.  Things like making dens, cooking, board games, playing! Please have fun too!

Children learn better if they exercise and do active minutes regularly.  These are just as important as any work set. Continue the Golden mile if you can, let us know the times and we can continue to record your child’s achievements. Get out for a brisk walk and if it snows, build a snowman.

Please don’t sit them in front of ‘work’ all day! They don’t do this at school!  Free laptops!

  • The Government have stated that they are supplying schools with laptops for families. This is true. However, as usual is not that simple. Schools have to apply via a DfE link. We are still waiting for our code to access this!  Also there is strict criteria as to which families are eligible. We will keep you updated on this matter.

How can you help?

  • Please let us know if you have any problems so we can work together to resolve them
  • Be patient – this is new to everyone.
  • Teachers will be available 9 to 5pm Monday to Friday – please do not expect replies out of these hours. Work will be uploaded daily by 9am.
  • Please recognise that each teacher has 29 other children and families to support too.
  • Anything urgent don’t hesitate to email me at:
  • Enjoy your children!


  Hope this information helps. Please keep safe and take care.


 Beverley Riddle