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Remote Learning Update

Dear Parent/ Carers,

I hope you are keeping safe and well? The weather is certainly different in this lockdown, last time we could go out in the garden and enjoy a summer walk. Just the thought of stepping out into the icy air makes me shiver!

You are all coping so well and I know having children at home all day can’t be easy, especially if they find doing school work at home a challenge.

Remote learning is a challenge in itself and there is no manual to say what is right and or what is wrong. In fact, there is no ‘right’ way. A school has to decide what format their remote learning will take based on the needs of their families.

Following extensive research, reflecting on feedback from the last lockdown and taking into consideration the varying needs and circumstances of our Morton families, we came up with our Morton Remote Learning Plan. The Remote Learning Plan continues to be a ‘work in progress’ and we are constantly reviewing it to ensure we overcome barriers and engage as many children as possible in their learning.

Below are a few tweaks we have made following a recent review of our plan and from feedback from parents:

  • Teams meetings from next week for Y1 to Y6, will occur weekly instead of every other week: It was so lovely for staff and children to see each other and have the opportunity to have catch up, so we have increased the frequency of these meetings. The focus will be on well-being and developing positive relationships.
  • 1:1 telephone calls: Feedback from some parents and children have stated they prefer not to have the 1:1 phone calls, just meet up on the Teams chat. In light of this we will leave you as parents to message the class teacher if you would like to continue with the 1:1 phone calls. If a child doesn’t attend the Teams meet, we will telephone for a 1:1 chat with you and your child just to check in and see how we can support you to ensure your child accesses the Team meetings.
  • Reading Comprehension:  To increase engagement in reading and also to further develop your child’s comprehension skills, we will be setting a ‘teacher challenge’ based on the video recording of the class novel. Please encourage your child to listen to the recordings so they can answer the ‘teacher challenge’. Y2 to Y6 are daily recordings.
  • Children’s feedback: The dojo messaging platform allows children to not only upload worksheets but also send voice recording with the answers or even video them explaining their learning. These are all great ways to increase your child’s motivation to engage in their learning. Class teachers will also start setting work in this way so there is a varied approach.
  • ‘Those days’.  We all have days when we can’t focus or just need down time, please remember you and your child can do something else if you or/ and your child is not in the mood. Physical activity is vital for emotional wellbeing and physical health – please keep active! 
  • Try these lockdown life skills:

I am immensely proud of Staff at Morton Trentside, they have continued to work tirelessly through this challenging time and are constantly creating ways to help children/ families overcome barriers to learning. Morton is very lucky to have such a committed and professional team. I want to state that I am proud of my team and also let you know that your overwhelming encouraging comments and positive attitude are valued by every member of the team. Thank you.


Please note that we don’t know your individual situation unless you tell us. Do let us know how we can support you and your family through this period of lockdown.  We will get through this together I am sure.


Thank you again.

Beverley Riddle