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Phased reopening

This week groups of staff are returning to plan for our ‘bubbles’ and to undertake training based on the new protocols in place at school to keep themselves, your children and you safe. Our key worker pupils continue to attend in increasing numbers and the school is in the final stages of being prepared physically to allow for more staff and pupils to attend safely.


The school’s senior leadership team and governing body have met to agree the school’s plans for reopening and also to make sure full care and consideration has been paid to those children who will remain at home for the time being. Below is a table which defines the expectations for your child’s year group as we move through the rest of this term:


Mini Morton’s Pre-School

Closed until September


Return to school on Monday 15th June

Year 1

Return to school (date tbc)

Years 2, 3, 4 and 5

Continue with home learning until further notice

Year 6

Continue with home learning until further notice

Key worker pupils (available to all year groups)

School has remained open since March 23rd and pupils numbers continue to expand


Strict social distancing measures do mean that the school’s capacity and staff numbers have a significant impact on the availability of teaching space. Our key worker bubbles alone take up 3 class spaces and so whilst we will endeavour to see the return of more pupils, there are physical constraints within current safety guidance that are preventing us from doing so.


Where the school will open for pupils we will be having direct contact with those families to discuss the intricate details of what, when and how etc. This will also include a phone call to confirm which pupils will definitely be returning, as this is still your choice. For those remaining at home our teachers will continue to email weekly with learning activities; maintain the phone calls you have been receiving to support both you and your child/children and update the pages on the school’s website.


We will continue to maintain regular contact with you, updating you on any developments and changes as we are given additional guidance and advice for possible further opening. It is imperative however, that we 

make you aware that plans going forward could change. We remain hopeful of returning more pupils but ultimately these plans could also be halted or slowed further. In just the past two days alone we are aware that some schools that have opened are now closing again due to possible cases of COVID-19. 


Please remember we are always here for you and you can get in touch anytime. Thank you as always for your kindness, support and patience.