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Parent update 10-02-21


Dear Parents and Carers,

If it is not COVID, it is the weather causing issues! What a week! I do hope you managed to get out, build snowmen, and make snow angels at some point over the last few days.

Well done everyone, we have all made it to half term! Please make sure you take the week off schoolwork and try to have fun. The staff are definitely ready for some downtime so will not bother you at all over half term. I hope that we will all be energised and ready to start a new adventure on Monday 22nd February. 

Just a few updates and information for you:

Bed-making Challenge:

Wow! You are very good at bed making! Thank you all for your entries, I found it very difficult to choose one winner so I delivered a prize to say well-done and great effort to all those who sent photographs in! It was so lovely seeing some of you today!  I hope you realise that now you have no excuse not to make your bed in future!  We have proof you can do it!


Teddy Bear Challenge:

This was the best thing that has happened since the beginning of lockdown. This challenge really cheered the children up but also many Morton residents! Miss Duncan you are an inspiration and we cannot wait to hear the winning name for the nameless teddy! 


Next Challenge: Entries due in by Friday 27th February

We have an empty ‘Meet the Team Board’ in the entrance. Usually we would have photographs of all staff but we thought you are such good artists why not commission you all to draw us all instead!


Commission: Draw a picture of a member of staff of your choosing. Fullsize please not just the face. Coloured in.

Size: Half of A4 size (A5)

Media: Pencil crayons


Please put your Name, Year Group and the Name of the member of staff on the BACK of the drawing. Upload your picture on your class Dojo.


We will put all uploaded pictures on the Whole School Challenge Page, so you can then see them all and have fun guessing who they are meant to be.

Each member of staff will choose the winning picture that will be on our ‘Meet the Team’ board in the entrance.  There will be a prize sent to the child whose picture is chosen by the member of staff. So get drawing!!!


Remote Learning update:

It has been lovely to hear so many of your positive comments and feedback about how the remote learning is going for you as families. We have had a great response to the work from the children and are very proud of how they have risen to this challenge of learning remotely. As always, we are constantly reflecting on what we have in place, and in order to keep the momentum and interest going for the children, we have included the following changes:


Friday Topic Days

These days have been included to give the children a break from using the screen and to have more choice over what work they complete. We have arranged it so that families are able to choose tasks to complete together if they wish and there is more opportunities to develop creativity and social skills.


Videos on ClassDojo

Following the feedback from the Teams meetings about children enjoying seeing their teachers, we have introduced some videos to Class Dojo. The teachers are recording a few short videos each week to explain and introduce the work they are setting for them.


Weekly Themes

In order to maintain interest for the children, we have introduced themes to the weeks. This week has been themed around Internet Safety. Our next themes after half term include Global Goals, Word Book Day and Science week.


Please remember that although it is an expectation that all children engage with work/ tasks set, we also want you to enjoy being with your children and have fun! Do let us know how we can support you and your family.

Remote Learning Feedback:

It would really help if you could complete this quick survey regarding Remote Learning so we can ensure we are doing everything we can to support you. Please click on the link below and submit before Monday 22nd February:

Government Laptops

"Great news! Morton Trentside has an allocation of laptops from the DfE that we are able to loan to our families during the period of lockdown. We hope that they will enable families to make it easier to access and complete the remote learning offer in place.  We only have a very small number of laptops available so please only request one if what your child is currently using is unsuitable. We are aware there may still be some children whose only access is through a mobile phone or a shared device so a personal laptop would make a significant difference. (Please note we are only offering 1 device per family at this current time.) 

Laptop requests to be sent to:"


World Book Day: Message from Mrs Bell.

It is that time of the year again – World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March. Although we cannot celebrate it the way we normally do in school rest assured we have thought of lots of different fun activities we can still share with the children – which we will let you know about in due course. In the meantime, we are excited to be able to send you your child’s £1 book token digitally so nobody misses out. Please follow the link below to access your child’s token. It does say on the digital token that some retailers will accept the token by scanning it but that you must check with the retailer first.

These are all the exciting new books available for 2021. World Book Day book tokens will be valid from Thursday 18 February – Sunday 28 March 2021. In 2021, participating booksellers will honour the tokens beyond the 28 March



We would love to see pictures of you with your World Day Books – just send them into your teachers on class dojo.

I do hope you have a lovely half term. Stay safe and be kind to yourselves, you are doing a great job!

Beverley Riddle