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March 9th Parent update

9th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is so lovely to have the children back. They are such a credit to you. Thank you for your incredible support and positivity, especially when faced with us having to close the EYFS bubble the day before we were open to all children.  We will get through this by working together!

The children have settled so well already and are so excited to be back with their friends. Dropping off and picking up seems to be working well, the new Golden mile footprints certainly make the one-way system easier to follow. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Drop off and pick up times:

Please can I remind you to keep to your allocated times and avoid coming to early. The gates will not be opened before 8 45 am and 3 15pm because we want to make the most of our day with the children.  What would really help speed things up would be if you could make sure your child is ready to enter and has all their bags and things by the time they get to front of the queue. Thank you!

Maintain 2m distance:

We are fortunate to have the space to maintain a 2m distancing for drop off and pick up, please keep to this to protect others and yourselves. Also to keep footfall to a minimum, please ensure only one person enters the site to drop off and pick up your child.



A few people have mentioned when will Southlands entrance be re-open. We will continually review this, but at the moment, for the following reasons, we will continue to only use the front entrance

  • The weather continues to be unpredictable, I believe we have more rain forecast and the exit via the field can become a health and safety hazard during inclement weather.
  • As staffing can be unpredictable because of COVID restrictions, we need to be able to operate pick up and drop off safely and effectively, with minimal staff. Having both entrances open requires a lot more staffing and organisation.
  • The large playground is ideal for maintaining a 2m distance at all times. 
  • I appreciate for some of you this is inconvenient, I apologise for this, but hope you can understand the reasons for keeping to only one entrance at this moment in time.


We have already had many parents entering the office for queries that are not urgent and could be answered via a phone call or email. Please help to keep our staff safe by not coming into school unless it is an emergency. Please either ring 01427 613472  or email: We will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you do have to enter the office lobby, please wear a mask. If there is someone in the lobby already, please wait outside until the area is free. Whole school Risk Assessment:

This is being ratified by Governors as we speak and I will let you know when it is uploaded onto the website. The school protocols are in the process of being updated based on changes to the risk assessment, these again will be uploaded soon.

Hot Lunches:

  • Please remember to order lunches through Innovate to avoid forgotten lunchboxes being dropped off at the office.


Change of shoes:

  • Change of shoes allowed into school if children want to access the field for football at lunchtime. Strong, named carrier bag


PE Kits:

  • PE kit on PE days which remain the same as before.
  • All information available on the class page on the website.


Please read messages and emails, especially important at the moment and don’t hesitate to contact me or your class teacher if you have any queries.


Take care and thank you for all your support.

Beverley Riddle