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COVID Update January 3rd School Opening

Dear Parents and Carers
We are open to all children from Monday 4th January, this includes Viking Before and after School Club

Apologies for writing to you on a Sunday, however, if you have been watching the news and other media outlets for the last few days, you will be aware that there continues to be lots of speculation and changes.  Our priority, as always, is to keep the Morton Trentside Primary community safe.  We are still learning about the new variant and there are many questions still left unanswered so we need work together to keep everyone safe.  Governors and Senior Leaders met today to discuss the current situation and explore any further ways we can continue to keep everyone as safe as possible.  We have worked with staff to make sure they feel prepared and ready for your lovely children tomorrow. They can’t wait and are as usual, positive and committed to maintaining the protocols that continue to keep us all safe. Thank you to staff.

On that note, below is how you can continue to support us to keep our families as safe as possible:

•       Stick to the allocated drop off and pick up times
•       Keep to the 2metre distancing markers at all times. We will add ‘waiting marker points’ on the large playground so parents can move away from the queue if they need to wait for their child to come out. Please use these markers and keep the green circle one-way system free so others can exit safely.
•       Once you have collected your children, please leave the school grounds straight away.
•       Please only send one adult to drop/collect children to reduce numbers.
•       Whilst waiting for your child, please maintain distance from other parents and keep collected children with you.  
•       If your child is unwell (positive cases do not always present with the same/typical symptoms) please keep your child at home, inform school, and monitor.  We do want children in school, but if there is doubt, we need to be cautious.
•       Please do not allow children to play on the play equipment before or after school.  
•       I will continue to be honest and transparent with any cases we have in school, I cannot give you the names of people who test positive but I will contact those directly impacted and needing to isolate and inform the whole school community of any positive cases in school.
•       Vikings Club will continue as usual.  

We do not know what position we will be in next week or next month, but if we all work together we will hopefully keep the school and community, as safe as we possibly can.  If you do have concerns, please do contact me, we all have different pressures and concerns and we want to work with you.  We need to work together. 
As always, if you need further support or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  

Yours faithfully

Beverley Riddle