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Coronavirus: Advice and information for parents and families

We are looking forward to welcoming back all of our pupils in September. 


As always, we will continue to make the health and  well-being of our children, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and all our parents our main priority.


Staff have been preparing shared areas and classrooms over the summer to ensure the safety of our staff and children.  


In addition, we want all children to continue learning throughout this uncertain period of possible local restrictions and self-isolation, whether they are learning at home or at school.


We are using Microsoft Teams for Education to set new home learning tasks, give feedback to children and provide an effective communication channel between home and school using our Virtual School.



COVID-19: Privacy Notice – Test and Trace

What you need to know

 Responding to the Coronavirus advice from the Government.

They are now developing a new NHS ‘Test and Trace’ scheme as part of their ongoing plan to manage the spread of Coronavirus.

As our continuing commitment to this safety and wellbeing of all our children, staff, parents, and carers we may be called upon by NHS ‘Test and Trace’ workers to share information with them on those attending the Morton Trentside Primary School.

This would be in response to either someone from the setting or someone they may have had close contact with, testing positive for COVID-19.

We may be asked for details of whom a child / parent / member of staff has had contact with over a set course of days and then possibly need to provide contact details of the parent / carer.

Please be reassured we will not share information unless approached by the ‘Test and Trace’ service and will record all details on this, following all advice given to us by them at the time.

For further information on how the ‘Test and Trace’ service works please follow the link below.

Focusing on the section heading ‘When we contact you’ which provides information on how they will contact you, such as the number they will call from 0300 0135000. What contact tracers will and will never ask of you.