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Lunchtime Nurture Group


We have a lunchtime Nurture Group which runs every day from 12.45 until 1.10 in the school library by two of our midday supervisors. We offer two places per class and the children are chosen by the class teacher, Mrs Jenkinson or Mrs Riddle. We invite children for many different reasons; it may be because they find lunchtimes tricky because they find it difficult to make friends, they find being outside for a long time hard to make positive choices  with their behaviour, or they are just having a difficult day and need somewhere quiet to go. For other children Nurture can be a treat or a dojo prize or just a fun place to go. At Nurture children play alongside the other children and adults and develop positive relationships and learn skills in how to interact with others. Sometimes they use this opportunity to talk to an adult about any worries they have or to share some news. There are fun craft activities, lego, colouring, play doh, Hama Beads and so much more.

If you have any questions about Lunchtime Nuture or feel your child would benefit from the club please speak to Mrs Jenkinson, Mrs Liptrot or Mrs Bradshaw.