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5. Who will support my child in school?

Many people may be involved in providing support for your child. These may include:


Who? How and Why?
Class Teacher Sets targets based on your child's needs
Will be ultimately responsible for ensuring the intervention is provided and its effectiveness monitored

Inclusion Lead and SENCO

(Pam Jenkinson)

Can support with effective target setting
Monitors the effectiveness intervention groups through the use of provision maps for each year group
May complete referrals to agency support, including writing letters of your child's need to GP's
Will lead review meetings and complete relevant paperwork
Teaching Assistants (in class) Day to day support within the classroom with in class tasks (maybe 1:1 or in a small group)
May provide additional intervention, e.g. handwriting, additional reading, scribing in writing, basic maths practise)
Directed by the teacher to support the targets set
Midday supervisors May provide support for monitoring and supporting personal, social and emotional needs of your child through playground games, initiating play, monitoring progress in a specific area (e.g. forming friendship groups)
Directed by the teacher to support the targets set
Administration (Penny Lightfoot or Hayley Lord) Will add your child's special education need to the central record directed by the SENCo
Make appointments for you to see a member of staff who you feel could help you
Invite you to your child's review meetings
Additional agency support See section 7 for detailed list
May complete assessments or observations to support with further details regarding your child's need
Will support with target setting
Will be involved in the review process and deciding next steps
SEND Governor (Penny Lightfoot) Overseeing the provision for SEN
Be a voice of the parent