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17. How will I be involved in supporting my child?

Parents are given a lot of practical ways to support their child's development in school and at home. We often give parents ideas on their child's pupil profile including:

  • Games for developing memory, spellings, maths as part of Homework
  • Useful websites and apps
  • Strategies for reading, e.g. reading to your child, with your child, before they read to you
  • Specific agency advice - could be games, organisational strategies (e.g. visual timetables), behaviour management strategies
  • Letters to support referrals to Paediatrician

Parents are always encouraged to support within school through:

  • Donating spare time, e.g. to listen to readers, check spellings
  • Share your own talents, e.g. art, sports, career advice
  • Share your knowledge our child, e.g. through review meetings, parent consultations
  • Joining us to celebrate success, e.g. talent days, music events, craft afternoons, art exhibitions