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12. How does the school know how well my child is doing?

We carefully track all of our children's progress across each term through the use of data and through observations. If your child is not meeting their age-related expectations, we may use a range of assessment tools to help us pinpoint how best to support them including:


  • Use of Target Tracker
  • PIVATS - an assessment tool which can measure smaller steps of progress
  • Early Learning Goals - for children working within the Foundation Stage
  • Reading and spelling age assessments
  • Standardised assessments (completed by Specialist Teacher and Educational Psychologist) - gives us a clearer picture of areas of strength and development against children nationally
  • Assessment for learning - within the classroom, using thumbs up/down, self-assessment against targets, use of talking partners to share ideas.
  • Individual targets - through a personalised plan
  • LASS or COPS assessment tool


These help to identify areas to target and support with advice on how to move your child forward. If it is felt your child is struggling to progress at an expected rate for them it may be necessary to move forward to formalise their needs through applying for an 'Education Health Care Plan' (previously known as Statements).


This is a document that school have to legally follow. These will bring together the education, medical and social care needs (as appropriate) of your child.