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10. How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

If your child has SEN then they will require support that is 'additional to and different from' the rest of the class. This does not mean that they need to be taught outside of the classroom, it simply means that teachers need to ensure we used a range of different strategies to support the child's learning.


Using ICT to record

e.g. alternatives to writing- mind mapping, fill in the gap

Using ICT to support learning

e.g. phonics; maths; use of Laptop/IPads

Using drama techniques

e.g. using hot seating, freeze framing; forum theatre

Using thinking skills

e.g. thinking hats; making links between learning in different contexts

Using concrete apparatus

e.g. practical resources in maths (numicon, cubes, 100 squares); magnetic letters for spelling

Using of seating for learning

e.g. careful positioning on the carpet/at tables; position near an adult

Using of talking partners

e.g. sharing ideas; peer learning, talk partners, talk for writing

Use of visual aids

e.g. visual timetables; displays; working walls; word mats

Use of different groupings

e.g. mixture of ability and mixed ability dependent on the subject

Use of Task Focus Groups

e.g. representing the class; contributing ideas to improve school life

Use of pre-learning

e.g. sharing key points of the learning prior to the lesson so your child is more prepared

Use of curriculum focus weeks and talent days

e.g. immersive learning in a focus topic, e.g. science, football, thinking skills; sharing and discovering talents