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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6! Mrs Evans is our class teacher in Year 6.


In Year 6, the key skills we endeavour to develop are problem solving and creative thinking. Our aim is to develop inquisitive learners who thrive on how to solve a challenge and master the skills taught. We are committed to ensuring that our skills based, creative Curriculum enables pupils to apply learning to non-core subjects so that learning is relevant and meaningful. Interesting and meaningful contexts provide a stimulating basis for teaching which engage and enthuse pupils.

Important skills acquired throughout a pupil's journey such as independence, team work and empathy are also nurtured and built upon as they move through Year 6 and beyond.

Our priorities in Year 6 include: Writing and learning to write with more consistency across a range of contexts and genres. We will also be working on our Maths and showing a depth and mastery of skills which we can apply in lots of different contexts.

Picture 1