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Our SMSC board currently shows the targets we have set ourselves to work on during Year 1. 


Spiritual: is concerned with developing the non-material aspects of life, focusing on personal insight, values, meaning and purpose. Beliefs that help provide perspective on life may be rooted in a religion, but equally may not. Creativity and imagination is important, as is a sense of fascination, awe and wonder.

 Moral:is largely about choices, behaviour and how you live your life. It's also about personal and societal values, understanding the reasons for them and airing and understanding disagreements. Sessions in tutor time or assemblies, or in class, might explore the consequences of decisions, other people's needs, and ways of learning from experience.

Social: shows pupils the importance of working together effectively, relating well to adults and participating in the local community. This element of SMSC includes a significant area of personal growth, ranging from engagement with society's institutions to the skills for successful personal relationships.

Cultural:is about understanding and feeling comfortable in a variety of cultures. schools might create opportunities for pupils to experience art, theatre and travel. Valuing cultural diversity and challenging racism is important.