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Dear Parents/Carers,


Today your child will be coming home with a homework book. This will contain a list of ten weekly spellings and some handwriting practice for your child to do please. The routine will become homework books out on a Friday and then we ask they are please returned by Wednesday so we can prepare them for the next week.


From now, until the end of this year, we will be working hard with your children to learn how to form our letters with lead ins so that they are ready to learn how to join correctly when they enter year two. We have handwriting practice every day and would appreciate your support in practicing this too at home.


At first, your child may find it difficult and need re-showing how to form the letter but, with time, they will find it easier. We tend to practice forming the letter in the air with our writing hands several times before we try on paper with a pencil because it is about the children learning the way the letters are formed first.


The spellings that are being sent home relate to the Y1 spelling patterns that need to be learnt. Again, we are having a spelling lesson every day which will culminate in a spelling test each Friday. We would again appreciate your support helping your child to learn these and if they want to can put them into sentences.


If you have any further questions on this homework please do feel free to email me at


Kind regards,


Mrs Bell