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Homework is set each week to support children's learning.  It is given out every Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. The activities have been carefully chosen to balance busy family life and activities outside of school, alongside ways that have an impact to help develop children's skills.


  • Sumdog is a fun, engaging way to develop rapid recall of number facts.
  • Reading regularly is a skill for life that will also support learning across the curriculum.  
  • Writing for an audience gives purpose and writing on the blog each week also gives children experiences to prepare them for the online world in which we live in.
  • Weekly spelling practice at home will help your child retain the spelling rules taught to them each week.  Children will be given a new set of words each Friday and complete a dictation exercise on Thursday.

Sometimes, children are busy with activities outside of school and don't get the chance to complete their set homework.  We therefore offer a homework club to which children are invited one lunchtime a week.  Children are also able to read in the quiet area of the playground at playtimes if they would like to.

Picture for homework

Picture for homework 1

Spellings (8.9.17)

Spellings (15.9.17)

Spellings (22.9.17)

Spelling (29.9.17)

Spelling patterns will be determined next week based on an assessment of spelling gaps. 

Spelling wb 6.10.17 - This week's spellings focus on suffixes and the use of apostrophes

Spelling - week beginning 16.10.17

Spelling list - week beginning 30.10.17

Spelling List - week beginning 6.11.17

Spelling List week beginning 13.11.17

Spelling list week beginning 20.11.17

Spelling List week beginning 27.11.17

Spelling List (week beginning 4.12.17)

Spelling - week beginning 11.12.17

There will be no spelling list this week due to reassessment of spelling gaps. During this week, we will be looking at some words that are commonly misspelt.   

Spelling - week beginning 8.1.18

Spelling - week beginning 15.1.18

Spelling - week beginning 22.1.18

Spelling wb 29.1.18

Spelling - week beginning 5.2.18

Spelling - week beginning 26.2.18

Spelling - week beginning 12.3.18

Spelling (week beginning 20.4.18)

Spelling (week beginning 7.5.18)

Spelling wb 14.5.18

Spelling week beginning 25.6.18