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English - Sentence work

Using the paragraph they wrote yesterday the children picked a sentence they wanted to improve by adding a subordinate clause. They had differentiated sentence mats to help them with this task and write the main clause of their sentence on blue paper and the subordinate clause on yellow. They manipulated the sentences by moving the subordinate clause and decided where they thought it sounded best and noted these new, improved sentences in their books.

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To help with their mystery writing the children collected lots of different powerful words and phrases and sorted these into a grid (metaphors/similes, senses, adjectives and adverbs/verbs). They then used this word bank throughout their mystery writing topic.
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The children worked in pairs to analyse a piece of text and make suggestions as to how they could improve it. They then fed this information back as a class; after this they then edited their own personal paragraphs to improve those. 
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