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Keeping personal information private online.


Initially, all children filled in an information sheet about themselves; their likes, dislikes, hobbies etc and then in pairs they went around the classroom looking at other children’s information (which was stuck to their backs) and signing up to be their friend if they had similar interests.


After a while, all the children were asked to get into groups based on who they had signed up to that had similar interests. They were then told they were going into Gainsborough to get ice cream together.


At this point, some children realised it would be best to remove all the personal, private information they had displayed on their backs as they were going out into to the public where anybody could see it. These thoughts were then transferred to the online community and the importance of not revealing these kinds of personal details to people online they don’t know. Also, the importance of not using their own names as user names and setting their profiles to private so only true friends can see any of their personal information.

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