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Ancient Greeks

We began this topic working in pairs, using our geographical knowledge and some atlases to locate Greece and the surrounding seas/oceans.
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As part of our history topic we are comparing one aspect of Ancient Greek life with Modern-day; we chose the Olympics. Together we brainstormed all the different types of things we could compare such as: the opening ceremony, what types of races/equipment, who could enter, athletes training and many more.


The children then got into pairs and picked an area they would like to focus on to create an oral presentation on. Once they had their area they then devised three questions they were going to research. Using chrome books and laptops the children researched their three questions, noting down whether the sources they used were primary or secondary, and ultimately produced an oral report which they presented to the class.

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We ended this topic by holding our own Ancient Greek Olympics. We had several races including two running races and a javelin one. There were winners from the boys and the girls and those children then combined together to have a race for the overall 'Ultimate winner' of each race.


Thankfully, the weather was not too bad and we had a great time.

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